Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Courage Kenny International Art Show

Event Dates: 4/30/15 - 5/22/15
Entry Deadline: 1/30/15
Days remaining to deadline: 23


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 2 
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 2 

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute invites artists with disabilities worldwide to submit artwork to participate in the 52nd Annual International, Juried Art Show and Sale April 30 – May 22.
First created as a way to provide a forum for the creative talents of people with disabilities, the Art Show now offers a unique opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their art as well as a way to promote all of the community based programs of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute provides a continuum of rehabilitation services for people with short and long-term conditions, injuries and disabilities.  For more information on our programs and services, visit

All artists with a disability causing physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major daily life activities are eligible.  Examples of major life activities include walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, personal care, learning or working.
  • All art must be the original work of the artist and created within the past five years.  Previous entries are not accepted.
  • Artwork must not exceed 36 inches in any one direction.
  • All artwork, including sculpture, must not exceed 20 pounds.
  • No unfired clay sculptures or crafts will be accepted.
  • Art must be for sale at a fair market price.
  • Art must have an identification label attached to the back upper left hand corner or to the base of 3-dimentional work.  It must incude artist's full name, title, medium and sale price.
  • Graphic – printmaking, charcoal, ink, computer design, pastels, colored pencil
  • Mixed Media
  • Oils and Acrylics
  • Photography – color and black and white
  • Sculpture – relief, ceramics, woodcarving, metal, clay and stone
  • Watercolor
  • Submissions are limited to two entries per artist.
  • All art submissions must be for sale for a fair market price.
  • Artist statement must be submitted with entry.
  • Art must have an identification label attached to the back upper left hand corner or to the base of 3-dimentional work. It must incude artist's full name, title, medium and sale price.
  • Artwork must be framed with an attached wire hanging (not taped).
  • Plexiglas is recommended for framing.  Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is not responsible for glass breakage.
New in 2015, there will be a two-phase judging format.  Phase 1, digital images (JPEG) will be reviewed to determine which original framed art will be submitted for Phase 2.  All artists will be notified after the Phase 1 review.  Phase 2 will be an in-person jury of the original framed art, and the art will hang for the duration of the show.
PHASE 1:  Each entrant is required to submit ONE digital image of each piece of art.  Images should be in JPEG format.  Please take care in photographing your work to ensure a quality image.  Title each image:  LastName.ArtTitle.jpeg
PHASE 2:  Artwork selected for Phase 2 may either be shipped with a paid return label (postmarked on or before February 20) or hand-delivered to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (800 East 28th Street, Minneapolis, MN  55407).  Hand-delivered artwork may be submitted on Wednesday March 11th (9 AM – 4 PM), Thursday, March 12th (9 AM to 4 PM) or Friday, March 13th (9 AM to 12 PM).  If shipping artwork, a paid return address label must be included.
All artists will have an Artist Statement displayed near their art with a photo of the artist.  Statements may include information about the artist’s interest and experience with art, techniques, their philosophy and personal connection to art.  Biographies must include the artist’s disability.
Shipped artwork must be packed in a quality reusable shipping container along with a paid return address label.  Do not use Styrofoam, peanuts, popcorn or coins as packing filler.  Hand-delivered artwork may be submitted from March 11-13, 2015.   Art Show staff will only be available during these times:  Thursday, March 11th and 12th (9 AM to 4 PM) and Friday, March 13th (9 AM to 12 PM).  If you are not able to deliver your art during these times, please call to make special arrangements.
Artists assume all risk for loss or damage of artwork submitted.   Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute will do its best to secure the art and have only trained staff handle the artwork.  The value of any one piece of artwork must not exceed $2,000.
All artists will receive recognition through the promotion of the Annual International Art Show.  A $500 cash award will be awarded to one artist whose work is chosen as “Best of Show”.  First, second, third and honorable mention ribbons are awarded in all categories.  Winners receive $250, $175, $125 and $100 respectively.  A number of cash awards are also given to selected artists by donors as Encouragement Awards.
All artwork submitted must be for sale with a fair market price.  Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute will retain 25% of the selling price.  Currency exchange rates will be based on rate, on the day of sale.
Unsold shipped artwork will be returned in the original packaging materials and paid return address label.  Hand-delivered artwork must be picked up on Thursday, May 28th (9 AM to 4 PM) or on Friday, May 29th (9 AM to 12 PM).  Artwork not picked up by this date will serve as a confirmation the artist is donating the artwork to the permanent collection of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute for display, sell or auction.
More information can be found online at or by email .

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