Monday, December 29, 2014


To survive you have to be versatile, to adjust, and to evolve.

Migration describes the flow of transformation. Migration applies to everything from the smallest of cells to the entire planet. It is a fundamental pace.

Change, development, and shift of language, place, and medium, are at the centre of Paraflows .X – DIGITAL MIGRATION. Translation of contents, transposition of the pitch, headlines, subtitles, any and all topics and fields have long been made compatible with art. Reminiscences to everyday life are made, research is done abroad, and the artists present their experiences coloured by their own filters to an off-context audience in off-context places. 

The rising number of worldwide artist in residence-programmes demonstrates what role is accredited to the mobility of artists and how highly valued the influence of every visit abroad is. New worlds are unclosed and movements across borders are encouraged. 

Yet, migrant strategies are not just expanding in the physical space but also in media spaces. More than ever before, real space spreads out into the digital space. Therefore, the field of migration is expanded by networks and data carriers. 

What share of communication is held digitally? Which pictures go around the world?

Media art is getting long in the tooth. What happens to a system and to hardware when new platforms and programmes take over? What happens to art that depends on historical technology and was especially developed for it? How do we counteract ubiquitous migration and conserve an image of the time? Archives and web accumulators, past technologies – what does the future of the past look like?

Paraflows .X wants to explore and tackle these challenging topics. You are kindly invited to hand in projects, works, and concepts. 

DEADLINE: 15th of February, 2015

Pls send your application as pdf file via e-mail to: office(at)

or ship to:

Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

Mandatory information for submissions:
1) name, institution (if existing), address, e-mail, phone number, website/s
2) submitted work: title, medium, author/artist, year of production
3) work description: 1 DIN A4-page maximum
4) technical explanation, room/space requirements (hardware, operating
system, additional software)
5) CD with 1-2 high resolution, printable images
6) biographies 
7) documentation of earlier projects, e.g. a link to your website

Language: all submissions have to be in English or in German or need to have subtitles in one of the two languages. Works in any other language have to include a text list in either German or English. We especially encourage international submissions.

DEADLINE: 15th of February, 2015

paraflows CONTACT
Festival management: Guenther Friesinger
Exhibition management: Judith Fegerl
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna

Friday, December 19, 2014


BRIC announces an open call exhibitionOPEN (C)ALL: The Artist’s Studio will be presented in the Gallery of BRIC House and is open to all members of BRIC’s online Contemporary Artist Registry or to those artists who join the BRIC Artist Registry during the exhibition submission period (through Jan 7, 2015). BRIC’s Registry is free and open to artists who were born, live, or work in Brooklyn, NY.

Registry artists may submit a single work of art representing their current practice. The exhibition is an open call and as such artists are able to submit any work of their choosing, that is new and exciting to their practice.
Artists will also submit photographs of their studios and work spaces, which will be projected alongside the exhibition as part of a special installation by guest artist Wendy Richmond. This inaugural open call takes on the theme of “The Artist’s Studio” to reverse the existing relationship that the artists have with BRIC’s Registry.  Rather than being represented online digitally, the works of art will be now be manifested physically in the gallery; the studio will be represented digitally. While the search and query functions might not translate into our physical realm, the myriad art works in the Gallery will show, at true scale, the depth and breathe of talent in Brooklyn.
Two prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the exhibition:
  • Best In Show – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by BRIC’s Contemporary Art team. Artist will be awarded$300 and have a solo exhibition of their work at BRIC Houseduring summer 2015.
  • Viewer’s Choice – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by the public. Artist will be awarded $100 and a profile of their practice on the BRIC Blog. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Hot Metal Residency @ Franconia Sculpture Park

Franconia Sculpture Park is now accepting applications for our 2015 artist opportunities!

Located on 43-acres in the scenic St. Croix River Valley, 45 miles northeast of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA. Franconia offers a place where artists live, create, and exhibit three-dimensional artwork all in one location. Artists push themselves to achieve new visions at Franconia, beyond what they ever thought was possible. Each artist undergoes a transformation, leaving with a renewed focus, new skills, and lifelong connections.

Hot Metal Interns arrive July 10 and are joined by Hot Metal Artists on July 23. During the residency, you will participate in bonded sand mold-making workshops, and work together on a pour crew for the community Iron Pour on August 1and the Artists-in-Residence Pour on August 8.

Cost for the 20-day residency (July 23 to August 11, 2015) is $400. The fee is waived for interns in exchange for daily assistance with pour preparations and educational workshops. The fee includes studio space, up to 2,000 lbs of sand and 300 lbs of iron, tools required for large-scale work, equipment, engineering, and staff support. Artists and interns camp and participate in Franconia's daily cooking and cleaning schedule. All artists are expected to bring hand tools, safety equipment, and small power tools. Work made during the residency and pour may be included in Franconia's 2015 Hot Metal exhibition.

For complete details and application instructions, visit Franconia's website:
Contact John Hock with questions:

Deadline: March 14, 2015

Monday, December 15, 2014


This open call can be understood as a forum for present concerns with a view to action. An experiment in collaborative processes between New York, Irish and U.K based practitioners concerned with the creation, value and experience of art.

Catalyst Arts LTD, Belfast, are seeking individuals from New York who incorporate a wide range of influences and various methodologies within their practice - individuals who realise the restrictions within their own disciplines and seek the need to reach into other fields of research. Bourriaud claims “the role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and models of action within the existing real, whatever scale chosen by the artist.”

What is the role of an artwork and the artist within society in terms of this “existing real”? How can a research approach or models of thinking from various disciplines be prescribed within the arts. In what form can this collaboration take place and furthermore, must a work of art be unique, or can it be created independently by other artists? This is a request for models of thought and there is no restriction on content, these suggestions can be from small observations to larger strategies - maybe these qualities are already in place but need highlighted or an alternate, more economical, method proposed.

The submission process will be divided into two stages:

1. Initial questions, concepts and proposals from New York practitioners will be collated on a dedicated website. This content may re-address furniture design, instructions for efficient social interaction, meme instigation, plans for a socially inclusive event or the co- ordination of an intervention. It will be a forum of ideas and starting points.

2. A subsequent open call throughout the U.K and Ireland will advertise this on-line forum and request responses to this content. This side of the call aims to open up the levels of use of the original ideas.

This call out will examine ways of collaboration and authorship. Is the artist who proposes the initial starting point the author or the one who furthers and embellishes the idea - or are they merely a filter?

Catalyst Arts will reflect a sampling of these original ideas alongside the (mis)interpretations by artists based in the U.K, whatever they may be, the gallery space will be a place for beta testing of these “devices”.

Catalyst Arts encourages proposals within the arts or other disciplines in any medium. To apply, please send a PDF including a proposal, image, statement and a CV to
with the subject heading BASIC OPERATION by the 20th of December.

Friday, December 12, 2014

2015 Phase One Electronic Music and Arts Festival at The Dock Arts Centre Call for Submissions

We are delighted to announce a call for artists working with new media to participate in the 2015 Phase One Electronic Music and Arts Festival at The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland, April 3-5 2015.
Now in its third year, Phase One has been granted use of the full and expansive gallery space at The Dock, and we are accepting proposals from artists at all stages of their career to use this spectacular space.

The Dock is a former courthouse, and using this as a concept we are asking artists to respond to the history of the space by looking at the idea of law (or digital law), the practice of reinventing places, and the relationship between art and the history of a place. We are looking for engaging and interesting proposals for our audience of over 200, and this can include (but is not exclusive to) interactive media art, illustration, print, mobile art, pervasive art, projection/video or any other work that uses digital media as a theme or medium. As the space is very large the scope for scale of work is broad, and there is the potential to stage artworks off-site.

A panel will assess every entry on its merit and on its relevance to the theme. They will look at past exhibition experience as a guide to the level of quality of the artist’s practice. New works are very welcome, but we would appreciate a detailed description with sketches and evidence of past work that demonstrates an ability to create the proposed artwork.
This festival is voluntarily run and there is a limited budget. We are very conscious of the Visual Artists Ireland visual arts payment guides, and would hope to be able to properly fund the exhibition. No proposal will be refused based on an artist’s proposed budget if supplied. As a small token of thanks we offer a free pass to any exhibiting artists to the events over the weekend, and there is a range of equipment available at the gallery for experimental works, including computers, projectors and video screens if artists would like to experiment with new works. We welcome this sort of proposal and look forward to seeing all entries.

Please provide: A CV, a project proposal (if relevant), and a short portfolio in any digital format (up to 10 works, links to online digital work/documentation or online portfolios are perfectly acceptable). Provide any other supporting documentation you feel will assist your application. If proposing a new work please provide sketches and a description of work.
Further information:
Deadline for entries is January 15, 2015, but please apply early as works will be assessed at intervals between now and the closing date.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Call for Submissions: HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP) 2015

HERE has been one of New York’s most prolific producing organizations since 1993, and today, stands at the forefront of the city’s presenters of daring new hybrid art. We have a long history of supporting unique and innovative artists, ensuring them the opportunity to develop and perform original work as well as assist them in enhancing their skill in all areas of artistic work. Through the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP), artists are able to develop their work in a peer-based program designed to nurture new and unique work. Our community of mid-career resident artists meets monthly, show works-in-progress, develop workshop productions, and mount full-scale productions.
HERE is currently accepting applications to HARP, which commissions and develops new hybrid works over a 1- to 3-year period. Our deadline is 12 noon February 3, 2015.

For more information regarding the HERE Artist Residency Program and how to apply, please visit:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2014–15

In 2014–15 the International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory will be focusing on work projects concerned with questions of social memory, the formation of which ‒ in the global north ‒ is shaped decisively by post-colonial amnesias...

In 2014–15 the International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory will be focusing on work projects concerned with questions of social memory, the formation of which ‒ in the global north ‒ is shaped decisively by post-colonial amnesias. The thematic emphases studied in the projects of fellowship holders Bisan Abu-EishehAnnalisa CannitoRaja'a Khalid and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa are Palestinian identity issues in the context of social norms, political language, living conditions and ideologies in the 1980s and today, the current relevance for today's Europe of the links between Italy's colonial and its fascist past, a striving for "physical comfort" as a paradigm of modernism and progress in the context of historical as well as present versions of the "East-West dialogue", and western "mnemonic technologies" introduced into Africa during the colonial era and utopian projects for settling European colonies in the "empty country" of Africa. The fellows were invited to work on their projects in Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen having been selected from a total of circa 160 submissions in a two-stage application procedure by a jury consisting of Jochen Becker (director of the program "Art & Architecture" at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, member of the advisory board at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen), Ana Hoffner (artist, participant in the post-graduate program PhD in Practice, Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna) and Andrei Siclodi (curator, director of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen). 

The fellows will present their work and their projects for the coming months in the context of the Start Up Lectures 2014–15 on October 17th, 2014 and in the exhibitionResistance and Amnesia – On the Formation of Social Memory, which will be opened to coincide with the Start Up Lectures this year. 

As every year, this artistic and theoretical research, as well as development and production processes will be accompanied by a diverse program of public events, suggested by the fellows and realised in close cooperation with them. Details on the content and dates of these can be found on our homepage.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Call for proposals: Artists in Residency

2015 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project in Taiwan
Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a large-scale site-specific outdoor environmental sculpture installation to be created during a 25-day residency in Cheng Long, a small coastal village in southwest Taiwan, working with elementary school students, residents and volunteers. The selected artists will receive an artist’s fee of US$2,000, airfare, accommodations and meals; for more information visit
Theme for 2015:  “Fragile – Handle with Care”
Residency in Cheng Long, Taiwan: April 9 - May 4, 2015
Deadline for Entries: January 16, 2015

To Apply: Send the following to Curator, Jane Ingram Allen at  Proposals in Chinese to Ms. Chao-Mei Wang at
1.     Description of proposed sculpture including dimensions and materials (limit one page, sent as attached .doc or .pdf file).
2.      Artist Statement about how your art relates to the theme and including your experience working with children and communities and how you will involve them in your artwork (limit 1 page sent, as attached .doc or .pdf file).
3.      Sketch of your proposed artwork (attached .jpg file of less than 1 MB).
4.      6 images of previous related works (6 attached .jpg files, each less than 1 MB)
5.      Image list about the 6 images, including title of work, date made, materials used and location of the artwork (sent as attached .doc or .pdf file)
6.      CV or Resume (sent as attached .doc or .pdf file) including present address, nationality,education, awards, residencies and exhibitions. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Call for proposals Nomadic Village 2015, May - August 2015

Northern Italy, Cerkno/Slovenia, Northern Balkans, Sofia/Bulgaria, Austria
Deadline for applications: 30th of January 2015

[Artists on the road]
Artists, researchers, activists, hackers, those who intentionally displace themselves to seek encounters that not only influence their work but form it; those who work without borders and constantly respond to situations, places and people along their journey, those who have an autonomous working and living mobile setup
2 weeks settlement for artists on the road, providing basic facilities, food and contact with the local community

Since 2009 the Nomadic Village has been a 2 weeks annual settlement of artists on the road. In 2015 it will become a swarm of people on the move for 4 months, travelling across several European countries and stopping along the way to establish 3 different Villages. The artists on the road are invited to propose projects for the entire trip, or parts of it. They will determine their own travelling schedules and use GPS tracking devices to create spontaneous meetings on the road. The Villages are conceived as meeting points as well as production and presentation opportunities.

For 2015, all the artists in charge of projects should be equipped with mobile Internet, and will be asked to update their whereabouts daily. Participants will have to mark the good spots to stay, document them and exchange with the other artists on the road. These exchanges will create a map that will expand over the years and will be provided to the Nomadic Village participants of future editions.

The Nomadic Village is run by Captain Klaus (lead artist and founder) and tinski (directing artist) from On The Road Productions (ORP), Austria.


Some selection criteria:
• Projects favoring themes such as: nomadism, displacement, dislocation, working without
borders, exploring places, encouraging meeting and interacting with strangers, and
seeking the unexpected.
• Work influenced by the location and reacting to the situations.
• Artists on the road sharing their creations with local communities.
• Access to live/work mobile space for the travelling stages of the trip
• Access to live/work space for the Villages
• Have a look at Nomadic Village's Ethos at the end of this document

The Villages will provide:
• Facilities, including electricity, toilets, running water, wireless connection.
• Food: dinners will be prepared either by our hosts or the participants; breakfast and lunch
on a DIY basis.
• Contacts with the local community.

During Travel-time we will provide:
• GPS tracking of the projects, which will enable spontaneous meetings on the road.
• ORP's infrastructure of places where artists on the road can stay (in Northern Italy) .
• Projects are asked to add to the collection of places to stay.

How to apply:
• Give us a comprehensive description of the project you are planning to realize.
• Make sure that we get a good idea of who you are.
• Let us know exactly who you'll bring or involve (partners, assistants, friends, family,
children, animals).
• Describe clearly how you will live and work.
• Make clear which part of the trip you plan to join
• Applicants are welcomed to discuss their projects with us before applying.
• Send your application to the Captain:
• Deadline: 30th of January 2015
• We will inform of the selection results on the 10th of February 2015.


Northern Italy, May 1st - 20th
1st - 5th of May - optional meeting in northern Italy
6th - 21st - Travel Time/Roaming/Tracking
Travel-time to work on projects that will be finished at the first Village. Projects can travel anywhere, but the majority will travel across Northern Italy, enabling spontaneous meetings on the road through GPS tracking.

1st Nomadic Village @C.M.A.K./Slovenia, May 21st - 30th
The first Nomadic Village 2015 will be a meeting/production place for participants to produce work originating from their trip to that Village. We will create the Galeria Nowhere, a travelling exhibition that will be shown in Cerkno at the end of the Village. Then it will hit the road and travel across the northern Balkans.
The place is situated in the center of Cerkno - on a meadow by the creek. Right beside the place is a house of the Youth center C.M.A.K. ( There are toilets, a dark room, a small gallery, provided Internet, a place for concerts... There is also free wireless in town.

Galeria Nowhere/Travelling Exhibition across Balkans, 31st of May - 19th of June
Experimenting with ways to approach small communities/villages
This is the research-part of the Nomadic Village 2015. We will experiment with different set ups for the exhibition in small villages, ranging from the simple coffee & cake gathering to a big circus-like performance/installation/spectacle. We expect to be a small group that will mostly travel together.

2nd (Urban) Nomadic Village @ Water Tower Art Fest Sophia, 20th - 28th of June
On behalf of the WTAF we are curating a grand scale urban installation. We are especially looking for projects working with light, projection, sound and installation. For the first days, the Village will allow public access during the afternoons to give the audience the possibility of following our process. Towards the end of the Village and for the presentation, public access will then take place in the evening, after sunset.
Water Tower Art Fest is an artist-run initiative that originated from a handful of like-minded, freethinking individuals based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The festival encompasses the usual ideas of art and creativity, and the locally-innovative concepts of looking at post-communist urban renewal and the use alternative art spaces – the old water tower, old mineral baths and remnants of the ancient city of Serdika, whose ruins practically lie beneath the feet of Sofia citizens.

3rd Nomadic Village @ Hohe Wand Austria, 3rd - 17th of August
The final Village 2015 will be invitation-only (but you can ask for one!).
Hohe Wand is a natural reserve and a weekender's destination 50km south of Vienna. It is one of the last efforts of the Alps towards the east and is elevated to approx. 900m above sea level. Even though it is no alpine terrain, it sometimes is quite windy, and can rather cool at night. It is a destination for hiking, climbing, paragliding and hang gliding.


The digital age has seen the emergence of a new kind of artists on the road; using production and communication tools like computers, mobile Internet, GPS, digital video and more. They can stay connected and follow each other through their works, from beginning to end, while being on the road. It has become possible to take the contemporary conceptual approach out of the galleries and institutions that used to be perceived as the only acceptable platforms. 
In contrast to the widely spread discourse, in which art theory, history and the urban-social context are the main inspirations, the artists on the road's discourse is about being close to people and nature, and dealing with reality and oneself, while still being in contact with the world through the virtual community, the World Wide Web. The vehicles are ateliers and homes, facilitating a constant movement that brings about endless experiences and inspiration, and the artistic discourse is carried around to include audiences previously too remote to profit from it. 
In contrast to the widely spread anti-society 'get-away' idea of recent travelling-movements, those modern artists want to emancipate from these ties for the benefit of the professional artist on the road, that keeps in touch with the world through modern communication medias. For sure, we want to venture out there to discover new things, since our curiosity is what makes us bored with the old ways. But we are also eager to communicate and integrate our findings and feeding them back into society through exhibitions, in hope of reviving the contemporary cultural and artistic discourse.


unfortunately always under construction.... extensive documentation of the last Villages

Call for Applications: Artists Residency in Cassis, France

The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France and founded by artist and philanthropist Jerome Hill, is a residential center offering programming in the humanities and the arts.  It offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. The Foundation encourages the visionary work of scholars, artists, and leading thinkers in the arts and humanities.

Established more than 40 years ago by Jerome Hill, the Camargo Foundation has always welcomed artists and scholars. Today, the Foundation receives artists and scholars of any nationality to work on specific projects or research areas alone or collectively.
Located in a small town of South of France, facing the Mediterranean sea, the Foundation is the perfect environment to reflect and create. It benefits from the quietness and high quality of the environment and surrounding nature (Cap Canaille, Calanques national park), and at the same time is within 45 minutes’ drive of Marseille, France’s 2nd city, Aix-en-Provence and Arles which are major centers for arts, culture and research. 
For the core Fellowship program the Foundation offers four to eleven week residential fellowships to :
  • ·        Scholars working in French and Francophone cultures, including cross-cultural    studies that engage the cultures and influences of the Mediterranean region;
  • ·        Artists, in all disciplines, who are the primary creators of new work; and
  • ·        Leading thinkers in the arts and humanities
Regular Project Discussions are organized in which each Fellow’s work is presented and discussed.  The rest of the time is fully dedicated to each Fellow’s own work on site.
Fellows are provided with accommodation in private apartments with kitchens on the Foundation’s campus facing the sea and the Port of Cassis. A stipend of 600US$ per month is available, as is coverage of basic travel expenses to and from Cassis. Spouses and children over six are welcome, children must be enrolled in and attending school or off-campus activities.
Applications are now welcome for Fellowships in Fall 2015 (eight weeks from September 1 to October 26) and Spring 2016 (applicants may choose four, eight or eleven weeks from January 27).  Applicants of any nationality are encouraged to apply although all applicants must be fluent in English.
For more information and a link to the online application form, please visit

Monday, December 1, 2014

Immigration / Emigration Themed residency Santa Fe Art Institute

Nina Elder,
Residency Program Manager
Phone: (505) 424 - 5050

Santa Fe Art Institute
1600 Saint Michaels Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87501


SFAI is pleased to announce Immigration / Emigration as its next residency and programmatic theme. APPLY

The deadline for applications is January 15, 2015

Applications may take the form of project proposals, from both individuals and collaborative teams
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Santa Fe Art Institute announces
 Immigration / Emigration Thematic Residency

Deadline: January 15, 2015 

Apply at

The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) implements yearlong thematic programming that addresses pertinent questions facing diverse regional and global communities. By hosting residencies for creative practitioners, fostering partnerships with regional cultural and educational organizations, and integrating social entrepreneurial and education initiatives, SFAI aspires to transform Santa Fe into a hub for positive social change reflecting the greatest needs of our times.

SFAI is pleased to announce Immigration / Emigration as its next residency and programmatic theme. From September 2015 through May 2016, SFAI and its community partners will explore several questions:

Who immigrates/emigrates and why? How do migrants' journeys contribute to who we are as a collective community? What happens when diverse communities come together with local and global advocates, activists, and policy makers to explore alternative models, narratives, projects, and interventions relating to immigration and emigration's complex terrain? How can SFAI cultivate participatory discourse between invested local stakeholders and creative practitioners that examines complexities and inequities in current and historic immigration systems in the United States?

Please join SFAI as we focus on this impactful issue that transcends social, cultural, and economic boundaries.

The deadline for applications is January 15, 2015.

For more information, please visit or email Nina Elder, Residency Program Manager, at
SFAI seeks applications from all creative practitioners aspiring to create positive social impact in the realm of immigration and emigration. Community activists, architects, designers, educators, studio artists, computer programmers, poets, film makers, philosophers, curators, and policy makers are among the myriad practitioners with whom SFAI aspires to create dynamic experiences and lasting change. Applications may take the form of project proposals, and are accepted from individuals as well as collaborative teams.

Please share this call with your community

Open Call for applicants: International Sculpture Symposium Assens Shipyard 2015

Katrine West, secretary
Phone: +4564746459

Assens Arts Council
Raadhus alle 5
5610 Assens


Open Call for: International Sculpture Symposium Assens Shipyard 2015.
Time: 14. to 26. september 2015
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Open call from Assens Arts Council
International Sculpture Symposium
Assens Shipyard 2015

Assens Arts Council is currently organising the following event:
International Sculpture Symposium at Assens Shipyard
14 September to 26 September 2015.

This open call is for all professional sculptors working in the medium of iron.

How can you apply to participate?
Applications must be submitted electronically at the website

Closing date for applications: 01February 2015

Applicants will be notified by 15 March 2015 at the latest

Please find all relevant information regarding terms and conditions at our website

Assens Shipyard has generously put its wealth of workshop spaces, tools and materials at the disposal of the symposium, offering the best possible facilities for sculptors working with iron.

Assens Arts Council
Jørgen Svenstrup

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Call to artists: Look Again 2015 - North East Scotland

Practitioners from a wide spectrum of creative disciplines are invited to submit proposals for a site-specific commission to take place in Aberdeen as part of the inaugural Look Again 2015.
Introduction - Look Again - ‘Forging Creative Connections’ Look Again 2015 is a five-day focus on visual art and design taking place in Aberdeen, Scotland. The festival will commence on Wednesday 8 April and will continue until Sunday 12 April, working with various partners and across a variety of venues and locations.
Our ambition is for Look Again to grow and develop into a larger annual festival that will showcase the very best in visual art and design in North East Scotland.
Artist Brief – ‘Look at Me!’
Deadline: 07 December 2014 at 17:00
Aberdeen’s city centre has a diverse range of sculptures. These range from traditional to contemporary and perform many functions, such as commemoration, memorial and remembrance, as well as the expression of ideas. As part of the festivals first years focus on visual arts and design we are interested in applicants responding to the traditional figurative statues, which form part of an existing sculpture trail within Aberdeen city.
We believe these monuments have become like wallpaper to the residents of Aberdeen and through a new and inspiring piece of public art we wish to highlight their historical references, unheard stories and lively anecdotes.
These creative interventions will re-engage our residents with this trail; becoming tourists in their own city. Many of these public sculptures date from the 19th century, and artists, when developing their proposal, may wish to reflect on how modern considerations of ethnicity and gender balance could be addressed in their projects.
We would like to invite applicants to design elements for the sculptures that are a new creative intervention and will redress these monuments; this can take the form of oversized jewellery, a complete textile wrap, a change of colour. It is up to the individual or group to create an intervention that will engage the general public to look again at an existing historical sculpture.
This opportunity is open to all artists, designers as well as creative thinkers and makers. We have identified seven sculptures within Aberdeen city centre and one site has been earmarked for applicants to engage and work with a community or group, to develop the project and together redress the piece of public art. We welcome applications from individuals, groups and collectives and each applicant can apply for more than one site or all the sites.
*A total budget of £13,800.00 is available for 6 of the commissions.
(Each site has a budget of £2300.00)
*Community Engagement Commission - £4300.00
How to apply:
If you are interested in this opportunity and for further information, please contact SMART Consultants (Producers of Look Again 2015 in partnership with RGU) to request a full brief.
Email: or call 01224561977,
The deadline is Sunday 07 December 2014 at 17:00pm.