Monday, September 29, 2014

Outdoor public art commission at hospital entrance in Sweden

The Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee invites artists to apply for proposal opportunities for an outdoor public art commission at the northern entrance of the Treatment building, New Karolinska Solna University Hospital (NKS).

Background and site conditions

The Treatment building is set in a strategically important location where the Academic Mall merges into the hospital park. Seven floors high, the building is situated on sloping ground where the differences in level are resolved by the terrace formed at the end of the Academic Mall.
The northern entrance to the new Treatment building will be used by patients and relatives coming to the hospital for radiation treatment. Here a well-designed and thoroughly planned outdoor environment is of the utmost importance.
There is a car park in front of the building, interspersed with small trees and shrubs. A generously sized pavement runs between the car park and the building, ending to the east with steps up to Anna Steckséns gata. Seating and flower beds for shade-loving plants are planned beside the entrance. The ground is covered by grey concrete slabs.

Description of the commission

The call for proposal concerns the outdoor environment in front of the northern entrance to the new Treatment building. The site is ideal for sculptures, light installations, reworking of ground coverings, etc.
Great emphasis will be placed on the strength of the public art work to harmonize with the architectural design, enrich the location and create a welcoming outdoor environment in front of the entrance.
Visitors to the hospital must be allowed an experience of the artwork regardless of the time of the day or season of the year.
The proposal should take into account issues of accessibility and other practical aspects.

Requirements specification

You will find basic information concerning the open call on our website under Konst i Landstinget (Art at the County Council) and Aktuella konstnärliga gestaltningsuppdrag (Current public art commissions).


Proposal: 50 000 SEK excluding VAT.
The cost range for the production of the public art commission, includ-ing the proposal, is budgeted at 1 600 000 SEK excluding VAT. All costs connected to the execution and installation of the artwork, such as the artist's own project planning time, material costs, mounting arrange-ments, subcontractors/assistants, travel, transport, insurance, the artist's own fees for executing the work and artistic fees, must fit with-in that range. An environmental check-list and maintenance instruc-tions are also included in the artist's obligations. Advice for maintenance and arrangements for maintenance must also be indicated in the budget. Construction-related costs for design, mounting and installation of the artwork are funded via the construction project budget.


  • 2014-12-02, start meeting for the proposal process
  • 2015-01, proposal review
  • 2015-03-10, proposal submission
  • 2015-04, decision made on which proposal will be selected.
  • Production of artwork according to the timetable of the project
  • Mounting/installation of the artwork will be coordinated with the construction project.

Who can apply?

In order to receive public art commissions from the Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee, you must fulfill the following require-ments:
  1. You must be a professional artist
  2. When a commission is awarded, you must have the ability to send us legally valid invoices in compliance with relevant tax regulations. Should you be awarded a commission, copy of cer-tificate(s) from relevant tax authority must be provided on re-quest.
In addition, we require that:
  • The artwork must take into consideration the specific characteristics and operational conditions of the healthcare environment.
  • You should be able to provide solutions for the operation and maintenance of the artwork and ensure that a sufficiently high level of durability is achieved.
  • Environmental issues should be taken into consideration in the selection of materials and production methods.

Expression of interest

Fill in the expression of interest form that you will find in the right-hand column on this page.

Notification of selection for proposal submission

A decision on which artists will be invited will be made by the NKS Art Committee after a presentation by the NKS Art Council and will be published on the Cultural Committee's website in week 47, 2014. The artists invited to submit a proposal will be notified by e-mail.


Questions concerning expression of interest, or the project, should be sent in writing via e-mail to Torunn Skoglund. Questions should be received no later than 2014-10-01 to allow for replies before the deadline for expressions of interest.

Commissioning agency

Stockholm County Council is the commissioning agency and will be party to the agreements with the artists. The Stockholm County Council Cultural Committee manages art pro-jects, which include the tasks of application processing and selection.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Queens Arts Fund Grant Applications

2015 Queens Arts Fund grant applications are now available.
Application Deadline is October 9th.
Please read the grant guidelines and FAQs prior to starting the application process and click the links below to access the applications. You must complete a distinct application for each grant you wish to apply for. Each application requires you to sign up the first time you access your application and you will have to log into each distinct application after the initial sign up. Your login will be your email address. You can use the same login and password to access all of your applications, but you will have to sign into each one separately.
Your login and password from last year will not be valid. Please create a new login and password. You can use the same information from last year when creating a new account.
For example if you want to apply for the QAF for Organizations funded by NYSCA, you must click on the corresponding link below for that grant application and sign into that distinct application. If you want to also apply for the QAF grant for Organizations funded by DCA GNYADF, you must click on the corresponding link below and sign in to complete the application. Each application must be accessed through the links below. Your login and password from last year will not be valid.
When working on an application, the system will automatically save your work every ten minutes. You can also save your work by clicking “Save Draft” at the bottom of the application.
Click “Submit” at the bottom of the application to submit your grant. Once your application is submitted, you can no longer make changes. You will receive an email confirming your application submission.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

NYC International Artist Residency Program

The NARS Foundation offers a residency program that supports emerging and mid-career artists as well as artists with established national and/or international reputations for whom a change of environment may offer refreshment and inspiration. The program offers full and partial residential fellowships for a minimum of three month and up to twelve months. The number of awards and the amount may vary depending on sponsorship available at the time of application.
The artists-in-residence are offered a Studio that range in size from 280sq. ft. to 325sq. ft. with Wi-Fi connections and 24/7 access. The workspaces are located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. Other than the core residency artists, the artist-in-residence can also take advantage of the interaction with New York City artists working in the NARS studios.
The NARS International Artist Residency Program offers professional development through panel discussions, lectures, workshops, artist talks and artist salons scheduled throughout the year. In addition, regularly scheduled studio visits with NYC art professionals offer the artists-in-residence the chance to meet with curators, critics, art historians, and gallerists to discuss their work in an intimate setting. Furthermore, open studios and group exhibitions at the NARS Gallery provide the opportunity to share new work and works in progress with the general public. Artists-in-residence are also expected to interact with the local community through public programs and community outreach programs offered in collaboration with other local not-for-profit organizations.
NARS currently offers 6-month residencies for U.S. based applicants and 3-month and 6-month residencies for international applicants. Only U.S. based artists are eligible for the Full and Partial Residency Fellowships at this time. International artists who need funding to cover the program fee, travel, materials, and accommodations should apply to other sources for this support.

International Curator Residency Program
The curatorial residency offers an emerging or mid-career curator with a furnished Internet ready office space located within the NARS studios with easy access to over 30 NARS artists as well as a chance to network with a wide range of artists and art professionals. Candidates who may benefit from a fellowship in New York City are chosen based on their past exhibition projects and potential growth. The residency provides the curator with a chance to meet new artists, do research, and develop future projects.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide

(SPARC) is a community arts engagement program that places artists-in-residence at senior centers across the five boroughs of New York City. The program provides selected artists with a stipend in exchange for the creation and delivery of arts programming for seniors. Artists will engage participating seniors in an art project or series of cultural programs over the course of the residency, which will also include a public program component –exhibits, readings, performances, open houses or other cultural interactions open to the surrounding community.
This initiative seeks to connect artists with seniors in senior centers and aims to positively impact the well-being of older adults through arts-based activities. SPARC seeks to place artists who are sensitive to the needs of older adults and who are interested in engaging their communities. Each senior center is unique and offers access to different types of spaces, resources and communities. Selected artists will work with the senior center where they are placed to further refine project goals and coordinate a schedule for residency activities and use of facilities.
SPARC is a collaboration between the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), the Department for the Aging (DFTA) and the City’s five local arts councils situated in each borough – Brooklyn Arts Council, Bronx Council on the Arts, Staten Island Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Queens Council on the Arts. SPARC began in 2012 and was developed as a part of Age-Friendly NYC, a citywide effort to make the City more livable for seniors. In 2015, SPARC is supported, in part, by public funds from the Department for the Aging.
LMCC is proud to be a part of this program on behalf of the borough of Manhattan. LMCC will accept applications from artists seeking residencies at participating senior centers in Manhattan only.
Application Deadline: September 30, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BRIC Idea Lab in Brooklyn

BRIC is collaborating with Our Goods, a network for the creative community that hosts a bi-monthly Idea Lab where 3-4 facilitators lead a group of 25-30 people in a peer-to-peer resource-sharing meet-up. Find out more on the Our Goods website
What happens at an Idea Lab?
  • Artists of all disciplines break into small groups.
  • Each artist shares a challenge they are working on.
  • The group brainstorms resources and ideas to meet that challenge.
  • Whether you need help refining an idea, access to space or equipment, connections to a collaborators, or information about  venues for your work, you can find it at an Idea Lab.
  • It's FREE! You just have to RSVP.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Daiwa Foundation Art Prize

The Daiwa Foundation Art Prize offers a British artist a first solo show at a gallery in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to an exhibition, the winning artist will be given a period of support and introductions to key individuals and organisations in the Japanese contemporary art world.  The winning artist is also awarded a participation fee of £5000.
The triennial prize is open to British artists resident in the UK who have not previously had a solo exhibition in Japan.  Artists applying for the prize are required to submit documentation of four recent works, in any medium (including painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation, video etc), a supporting CV and personal statement.  The judging panel select a short list of three artists.  Works by all three of the short list are exhibited at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery and a winner is announced later that year.
Two Daiwa Foundation Art Prizes have been awarded so far – to Marcus Coates in 2009 and to Haroon Mirza in 2012.

Artists are invited to submit works for the Daiwa Foundation Art Prize 2015

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is delighted to announce the third Daiwa Foundation Art Prize, which offers a British artist a first solo show at a gallery in Tokyo, Japan. In addition, the winning artist is awarded a participation fee of £5000, and a period of support and introductions to key individuals and organisations in the Japanese contemporary art world.
The judging panel is:
Hideki Aoyama, Gallery Director, Aoyama | Meguro Gallery, Tokyo
Richard Deacon, artist
Mami Kataoka, Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Chris Orr RA, artist
Jonathan Watkins, Director of Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
The triennial prize is open to British artists resident in the UK who have not previously had a solo exhibition in Japan. The judging panel will first select a shortlist of three artists whose works will be exhibited at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London in June 2015, during which time a winner is announced.
The two previous Daiwa Foundation Art Prizes were awarded to Marcus Coates in 2009, who had a solo exhibition at Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, and to Haroon Mirza in 2012, whose solo show was held at SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo in early 2013. The 2015 Daiwa Foundation Art Prize winner will be invited to exhibit at the Aoyama | Meguro Gallery in Tokyo.
Deadline for applications: 30 September 2014
Artists applying for the prize are required to submit documentation of four recent works, in any medium (including painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, installation, video etc), a supporting CV and personal statement. Entry is free. Applications are made online.
For further information and to apply please visit:
For any queries please contact the project coordinators, Parker Harris:
T. 01372 462190
Key Dates:
30 September 2014: Closing date for applications
25 October 2014: Shortlisted artists announced
June 2015: Short-listed exhibition at the Daiwa Foundation Japan House Gallery, London
Autumn/winter 2015: Winner’s exhibition at Aoyama | Meguro Gallery, Tokyo