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Open Call for International Programme 21014/15 at the National Sculpture Factory


Dobz O'Brien
Phone: 00353(0)214314353


National Sculpture Factor
Albert Rd.
Cork City


Deadline Date for Submissions:
Monday 9th June 2014
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Im/Plant: manufacturing

An industrial site consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing. A place of making, shaping and assembly, dedicated to social modes of production, as distinguished from the sometimes immaterial and solitary labour of art. A site of production, labour, involving relations of production – between workers, managers, technicians, consumers, the public – between individuals and a wider social field.

Im/plant: medical

A surgical intervention leading to a graft onto/into a host system, to improve, modify or regulate functioning. A permanent or removable biologically compatible device, manufactured to replace an absent part, to support or to enhance an existing structure. Ideally the device should bring about a desired response in the host, however the interaction between the implant and the neighbouring tissues can cause complications (allergic foreign body response, for instance).

Im/plant: botanical

An opportunist organic entity, able to colonise an area by spreading vegetatively – e.g. pioneer plants that colonise an area that has not been previously occupied by an ecological community.


NSF Im/Plants proposes a programme of seasonal implantations (insertions) into the National Sculpture Factory. This project is open to Irish and international artists, curators, independent art groups, individual cultural and spatial practitioners, and collectives across all art disciplines.
Artists/participants are implanted as productive agents, that is, invited to respond to the specificity of the National Sculpture Factory - as a site for manufacture; as a host organism; as a seedbed for propagation - in order to test, affect or re-imagine the boundaries of what the art organisation can be through alternative forms of production.
Each implant is of a 3-month duration and is programmed to happen seasonally. It is self-directing and self-sufficient, with an overall stipend of €3,000 and with access to the full resources and supports of the NSF, adapted to the needs of each specific applicant.
There are no prescribed outcomes, but each implant is expected to leave a trace, residue, or shadow, of their period of interactivity with the host organisation. Such outcomes are not restricted to the ephemeral and can be of a more permanent nature.
For its part the NSF will be openly receptive to the unknowns made possible by interaction with these implanted agents.
The Im/Plants strand in the NSF's annual programme is designed to act as a source of imaginative hybridization, to create as yet unknown forms of production or provocation, and enable the NSF to work with the broadest range of artistic practitioners, leading to the synthesis of new ideas and work practices within the artist-centric institution.
NSF Im/Plants project allows the implanted artists to practically challenge the ideologies of the monolithic or static institution, and to act instead as a generative substrate engaging directly with the receptive NSF to external forces. In its making available of its resources, experience and network of relations, the NSF wishes, through these insertions open itself to the stimulus of new ideas, alien influences and new creative productive outcomes.

Application Details:

The National Sculpture Factory will assess and select applicants based on the following criteria.
Criteria for assessment:
• the nature and quality of the proposition or provocation.
• experience relevant to this particular site-specific research implantation.
• the feasibility of each proposition as well as the nature and extent of the research and methodology being proposed

Applicants are invited to propose, themselves; their practice and their particular Im/plant proposal in whatever form they deem relevant bearing in mind the considerations above and the context being offered.
They should also nominate a preferred season in which they wish to take up their im/plantantion.

The three-month seasons are as follows:
August to November 2014
November to March 2014/15
February to May 2015
June to September 2015

Applicants can develop proposals for Im/plants with the understanding that they need not be present, or resident in Cork for the entire 3-monthly season. This is not a studio-based residency, while a space in the NSF can be made available if necessary. Applicants should suggest how they propose to proceed over the 3-month period and how this can lead to a constructive and productive engagement.

Proposal deadline:

All applications must reach the National Sculpture Factory by 12 Noon, Monday 9th June 2014.
You may submit either by email to
by post refer Implant application to
c/o Dobz O Brien,
Programme Manager,
National Sculpture Factory,
Albert Rd,
Cork City,

Please note all applications will be acknowledged but no materials used in application will be returned from your submission.
All applicants will be contacted once the assessment phase has been completed.
Applications will be assessed by July 04 2014.


Each seasonal Im/Plant will receive a stipend of €3,000.
The NSF will endeavour to support each Im/Plant to find accommodation best suited to their needs.

Selection Process
A select 4-person panel will be assembled to assess all applications.
The National Sculpture Factory is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Council. Im/Plants is additionally supported by the Cork City Council Project Award.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Mind Puzzle Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg


Katrin Temme
Phone: +4971417889140


Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt
Hindenburgstrasse 29
71638 Ludwigsburg


Call for proposals
Artists in Residencies
10.-26. Oktober 2014
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Call for proposals | Artists in Residencies

'Mind Puzzle' is a transdisciplinary artproject, initiated by the Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg and the choreographer and director Fabian Chyle.
'Mind Puzzle' centers around the subject 'dementia' and aims to raise awareness for people with dementia through artistic interventions and events.
Another central goal is to establish a not deficit-orientated discourse.

'Mind Puzzle' connects theory and practice, establishes artistic intervention in public space and creates space for networking and exchange. Every year there will be a conference - 'Zukunftswerkstatt' - on different relevant topics. The topic of the 'Zukunftswerkstatt 2014' will be how the arts deal with the phenomenon dementia, the different views of artists on the topic as seen in their work and the meaning of the arts and artistic endavours for people with dementia and theit supporting systems.

For the 'Zukunfstwerkstatt 2014' we offer 3 'Artists in Residencies' (10. - 26.10.2014) for artists from all disciplines.

The chosen artists will research for one week in institutions for the elderly in Ludwigsburg. After that we will provide working- and rehearsal space. for the artists to process the impressions and thoughts about their experience. The results will be presented at the 'Zukunftswerkstatt'.

What we offer:
* Workshop at the beginning (October, 11th and 12th 2014)* Access to institutions (nursing homes etc.)
* Rehearsal- / Working space
* Fee: 2000 €
* Subsidy for production costs up to 800 €
* Subsidy for travel costs up to 200 €
* Accomodation, if needed

What we expect:
* Attendance during the whole research- and production process
* Documentation of the artistic process on the website
* Presentation of a work-in-progess result at the 'Zukunftswerkstatt' including a post performance discussion with the audience about the artistic process, experience and results.

Your proposal should include:
* Short curriculum vitae (max. 120 characters) & curriculum vitae in tabular form
* Concept in short- (max. 2500 characters) and long version for the research-project with following priorities:
a) Where is the main interest in the research? Which ideas and questions guide the research?
b) How do you want to investigate in the institutions?
c) How do you want to work with the found material in the artistic process?
d) What is your personal motivation for this project?
We do not expect a description of the result, but a detailed description of the research-process.
* Material of your recent works (only digital)

Please send your proposal to: katrin@tanzundtheaterwerkstatt.de

For more information, please visit / contact:
Katrin Temme
Tel.: 07141 78891-40

Deadline: May, 25th 2014
The results will be made public in the first week of June.

Curators: Fabian Chyle (Dance, Performance, Media), Bernhard Eusterschulte (Visual arts, Theatre, Media), Bettina Gonsiorek (Socio-culture), Hans-Peter Jahn (Music, Musictheatre), Katrin Temme (Cultural studies, Gerontology).

Braunschweig PROJECTS Scholarships

a) Three (3) "Braunschweig PROJECTS" Scholarships for artists of Sound Art
b) Five (5) "Braunschweig PROJECTS" Scholarships for artists of Fine Arts

These scholarships are part of the promotion programme for artists of the Braunschweig University of Art and the State of Lower Saxony. This programme is aimed at young artists who are interested in working intensively on artistic projects in the close environment of an art university.
The involvement of the scholars in the HBK’s teaching and research activities is an essential component of the university’s programmes for the promotion of young talents. However, no fee payments, no lectureship or work as a lecturer can be derived from this involvement.
The project to be proposed by the applicant must constitute a material contribution to the ongoing development of the means of artistic expression.
No grant will be paid if, during the scholarship term, the applicant receives regular benefits from any third party (e.g. residency or work grants) or grants paid by the Federal State.
Upon completion of the scholarship term, the applicant will have to present his/her artistic project within the scope of an exhibition or performance or in any other equivalent way.
a) Three (3) grants in the field of sound art
Eligible applicants will receive a grant in the amount of 1,250.00 EUR per month for a maximum term of six (6) months, including a minimum of three (3) months of compulsory residence at the HBK Braunschweig. Depending on the intended project, an additional allowance will be available for the costs of materials and travels upon submission of a project costing in consultation with the chosen mentor.
The scholarship term is expected to start on 1 May 2015.
b) Five (5) grants in the field of fine arts
Eligible applicants will receive a grant in the amount of 1,250.00 EUR per month for a term of twelve (12) months, including a minimum of eight (8) months of compulsory residence at the HBK Braunschweig. Depending on the intended project, an additional allowance will be available for the costs of materials and travels upon submission of a project costing in consultation with the chosen mentor.
The scholarship term is expected to start on 1 November 2014.

General Information

1. For the period of the applicant’s residence at the HBK Braunschweig a rent-free live-in studio will be provided. Any incidental costs will have to be borne by the applicant.
2. Participation in a mentoring programme constitutes an integral part of the promotion. The applicant is obligated to select a personal mentor from the HBK. All the professors in the Fine Arts are available to serve as mentors. This search will be supported on site.
3. As a rule, applicants should not be more than 40 years old and should have a university degree in arts.


1. Applications must be made on the appropriate application form and filed by May 30, 2014 (date of receipt by regular mail). The application must be for one of the scholarships specified above (no double applications will be accepted, nor any applications by e-mail) and should be addressed to:
Präsident (m.d.W.d.G.b.) der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig
Kennwort: Braunschweig PROJECTS – Sound Art – or! – Fine Arts
Johannes-Selenka-Platz 1
D-38118 Braunschweig
2. The following documents must be included in the application:
Printed Application form with personal data, c.v., artistic background/development and scholarships received in the past
Examples of applicant’s artistic work:
  • Printed Portfolio (no larger than DIN A4, 10 pages, 10 images) and, if available, one solo catalogues (no group catalogues);
  • For sound art and video work: no more than 2 DVDs / CDs. Please do not send any originals!
  • Printed Description of the artistic project (no more than 2 DIN A4 pages)

3. By recommendation of a high-ranking jury, with a representative of the State Ministry for Science and Culture on the panel, the Federal State of Lower Saxony will decide on the award of the several scholarships.
The results will be communicated to you by e-mail late in July.
4. You are kindly requested to include a self-addressed and pre-paid reply envelope, otherwise we will not be able to return your documents.

Application form is available on the internet.


For further information please e-mail to BraunschweigPROJECTS@hbk-bs.de.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Delfina Foundation is inviting applicants from India and the Arab world for the Research Fellowship 2014, which is in partnership with Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) and Goldsmiths College’s Department of Visual Cultures and the PhD Program in Curatorial/Knowledge.

The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art is supporting a research fellow from India to be in residence alongside a participant from the Arab world supported by Delfina Foundation's family of individual supporters. Please note that Indian participants should apply directly to FICA here and applicants from the Arab world should apply to Delfina Foundation.  
The Research Fellowship 2014 aims to provide an opportunity for intensive research in the field of visual culture by curators and researchers who might benefit from the research and curatorial work that is being done by the fellowship's partner institutions in London. Priority will be given to ideas that can be reasonably developed during the three-month residency into a blueprint for a future project (e. g. publication, exhibition, etc.).  Artists are welcome to apply; however this residency is largely focused on the development of critical-curatorial discourse, not singularly artistic practice or projects.  
The 2014 recipients will receive:
  • A 12 week residency (from 23 September - 15 December 2014) in London, including one economy return flight to London, a bursary for per diems and basic living costs, and accommodation. 
  • Access to attend Goldsmith’s post-graduate courses and the Curatorial/Knowledge seminars
  • Access to the Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library and Archive
  • An opportunity to assist with Iniva and Delfina Foundation’s programming
  • Goldsmiths, Iniva and Delfina Foundation will provide an important platform to the recipient scholar to meet fellow research scholars, artists and a network of professionals in the field of contemporary art in London

Conditions for applicants:
  • Living and working in India or the Arab world
  • Preferred: Proven commitment/experience of curatorial work
  • Practical experience will also be considered, although not mandatory
  • Available during the autumn 2014 term and able to be released from employment or other academic involvement; additionally applicants must not take up other commitments and travel during the fellowship
  • Proficient in English

Applicants are expected to submit:
  • An application form (see link below)
  • Recent CV/resume
  • Examples of relevant work (preferably two writing samples)

The Research Fellowship is an application-based process. The recipient will be chosen by a jury comprising of independent scholars in the field of visual arts and the partners.
Please submit only electronic copies of the above documents to the relevant email address in the application form.
Closing date for applications: 9 June 2014, 17:00 GMT.
Applicants in India should visit FICA's website for more information or info@ficart.org or calling +91 11 4610 3550 for queries.
Applicants from the Arab world can download the information sheet by clicking here and the application form here.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

KWW artist in residence grants Schoeppingen (Germany)

Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen’s Artist in residence KWW-grants for projects in the intersection of art, sciences and / or economy (the so-called KWW-grants)
The monthly grant amounts to 1025, - €.
It is an "Artist in Residence Fellowship" to spend in the Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation (Germany, NRW).
The residencies start in the second half of the current year 2014.
Applications are only admitted when done online via
Please read the details concerning the application procedure carefully. Please make sure to take notice of the instructions for the optional special-focus of KWW grants too (see below)
Deadline for applications will be May 31st 2014
Details of the KWW stipends application procedure now on offer (Deadline May 31st 2014):
• Who can apply?
These stipends offered by the Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation (Germany, NRW) and funded by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) are aimed at both artists and scientists and engineers with interdisciplinary research interests between art, science and / or economy if they pursue an artistic background in their projects.
• How do you apply?
These artist in residence stays are awarded exclusively for PROJECT proposals at the intersection of art, science and / or economy. Please complete your proposal with some broader and comprehensive description of the planned project you conceived for your application.
• Optional special focus is this time on the issues of "art and environmentally friendly energy power generation" in the context of "Power Plant Artist Village - Kraftwerk Kuenstlerdorf":
This primary focus on "art and power" will lead the KWW-stipend model project within the next years. Therefore, among project applications of equivalent quality and importance, the submissions for the special-focus theme will get priority.
• What about this optional special thematic focus complementing the general invitation KWW-stipends art, science, economy?
With the broader model project "Power Plant Artist Village - Kraftwerk Kuenstlerdorf" issues of combining the fields of art and energy will be on top of the agenda of Kuenstlerdorf activities in the next years. On this subject with its model-shape for the future all kind of proposals, ideas and designs are especially welcome during the next years of KWW-project applications.
Broader information on the initial points, the area of implementation and the research structure in this innovative artistic project "Power Plant Art Village" is available HERE:

KWW-applications are only admitted when done online via:
Thank you for your interest and your attention.
Your Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Open Call: Curatorial Residency Program | Rio de Janeiro


Consuelo Bassanesi and Frederico Pellachin
Phone: + 55 21 2224 2985


Largo das Artes
Rua Luis de Camões, 2. Centro.
Rio de Janeiro


Largo das Artes is pleased to invite applications for its Curatorial Residency Program | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Residency period: 6 Oct - 28 Nov 2014
Duration: 8 weeks / 20 hours per week
Application deadline: 16 June 2014

Largo das Artes is pleased to invite curators for an intensive program lasting eight weeks designed for emerging professionals wishing to gain a comprehensive insight and network in Rio de Janeiro, explore contemporary curatorial issues and practices, expand their own research project and to develop an exhibition project while receiving professional feedback and support.

During the program, four selected resident curators participate in weekly activities such as talks, studio visits, exhibition tours and workshops with experts and practitioners. A range of curatorial contexts and thinking are explored on the Residency Programme, which culminates with an exhibition to be collaboratively developed by the curators in residence.

For this final exhibition, we would like to invite curators to send a proposal with some ideas, personal notes and interpretations taking the theme 'To Rebel!' as a starting point, along with the suggestion of artists and works that fit into the concept and that have been previously contacted and whose participation in the final show would be feasible.

More on the theme: Whether it is romantic, political or aesthetic; the reaction to the current system of acceleration of time, responsible for shaping a world marked by extreme instability in all possible levels of public and private life, happens not exclusively because of the fights for individual or collective rights, of gender or race, but mostly due to the relativity of dogmas sedimented in the past over the process of constant historical revision. Once we identify that the future is what is critical and necessary for the reconstruction of the present, we are searching for the genuine essence of the human condition: to rebel! Every creation carries the responsibility of destruction of what came before.

The selected curators will then discuss during the first month of the residency their proposals and a collaborative project will be developed for the final exhibition. The idea is to add to the initial suggested works and artists some local practitioners that will be selected in an intense agenda of studio visits.

Along the development of the exhibition project, contemporary subjects related to the curatorial practice will be discussed in talks and workshops.

Please note that working collaboratively is essential to the development of the final show but we also expect curators to be developing their own research projects. The idea is that each participant is involved in their own research and also in the development of a collaborative exhibition.

To support participants in this quest, the program offers them a unique chance to have a concentrated time for research and for writing, to develop project ideas, conduct in-depth investigations and to make connections forging new networks internationally. Participants are also encouraged to propose and run public talks and workshops.

In brief, three main lines are going to be explored during the Residency:
- Development of a collaborative final exhibition project in Largo das Artes gallery
- Immersion in Rio's contemporary art scene, its artists, galleries and institutions, forging networking
- Support and time for curators to develop their own lines of inquiry

Through this curatorial residency programme, Largo das Artes aims to foster interesting dialogues on issues surrounding curating among local and international arts practitioners.

The Curatorial Residency Programme is organised by Largo das Artes and for this first edition we are collaborating with the curators Bernardo José de Souza and Bernardo Mosqueira. Please find biographies in Largo das Artes Residency page on our website, where you can also download the work plan and the application pack with the full description of the proposed theme.

EUR 3,000
(EUR 1,000 registration fee to be paid upon acceptance + EUR 2,000 to be paid prior to arrival)
The fee includes the use of office facilities and of the meeting room, production costs of the final show, professional support and workshops. Accommodation can be arranged at an extra cost, please contact us for details. Travel and living expenses are not included.

How to apply: 
Applications should be emailed to largodasartes.res@gmail.com with the subject 'Curatorial Residency Application' and the following information in a PDF file:
- A cover letter with name, email, address, phone number and nationality.
- Proposal and notes taking the theme 'To Rebel!' as a starting point along with the suggestion of artworks and artists whose works relate to the proposed theme and whose participation in the final show would be feasible (logistically and financially).
- A statement outlining your motivation, what you expect from the residency and what you hope to achieve (300 word max)
- A statement describing your practice and areas of interest in your work (300 word max)
- A CV

Prospective Curators will be selected by a committee of curators and Largo das Artes team. The selection will be based on the curator's proposal, statement and CV. Largo das Artes will take into consideration originality, quality and conceptual relevance.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

2014 NYFA Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists

The New York Foundation for the Arts Mentoring Program— a vital component of itsImmigrant Artist Program (IAP) — pairs immigrant artists working in all disciplines with artist mentors who share a common artistic vision, and provide their mentees with one-on-one support, guiding them to achieve specific goals. From June–September 2014, mentors will provide their mentees with broader access to the New York cultural landscape by sharing ideas, advice, resources, and experiences.

The Mentoring Program aims to foster a community, and provides the opportunity to connect with other immigrant artists through group meetings that include professional development workshops, peer learning, and informal gatherings. Mentors will include past alumni of the program, whose experience through previous participation in the program will inform their interaction and commitment to their mentee. Additionally, many of the mentors are immigrant artists themselves, and understand the challenges of sustaining one’s art practice while navigating different cultural perspectives in the contemporary art world.

Now in its 8th cycle after seven years of success and growth, the Mentoring Program has paired 124 mentees with 120 mentors. Each cycle has proven to be an invaluable experience for mentees and mentors alike, and artists often remain connected well beyond the program. NYFA nurtures this community with an alumni mixer during the program. 

“I was grateful for the opportunity to be part of NYFA’s IAP program, as it has opened many doors for me. It was amazing to meet a group of extremely talented immigrant artists from multiple disciplines.”

Grace Jahng Lee, Mentee 2013, Writer

“Working with [mentor] Volker Goetze and NYFA’s IAP has helped me focus my ideas, which were varied, into a single plan with a workable process. In my case, the realization was that recording and releasing my debut album is the key step I needed to make in order to realize all the other career goals I set for myself. Volker helped me immensely in figuring out the priorities, possibilities and people with whom I need to work in order to take that step. … I’m truly grateful for the guidance and sense of direction this experience and everyone involved gave me throughout my participance in the IAP.”

Oded Tzur, Mentee 2013, Saxophonist, Composer, and Educator 
Guidelines and Eligibility
This is a competitive program open to artists from all disciplines (performing, literary, visual, and multi-disciplinary) and provided free of charge to accepted participants.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must:

  • Live within the New York Tri-State metropolitan area (NY, NJ, and CT – within commuting distance of New York City).
  • Were born outside of the United States. (Those born in United States territories may apply).
  • Attended at least Kindergarten - 8th Grade schooling outside the United States.
  • Have been pursuing a career as an artist within the range of 1-10 years in the United States.
  • Are NOT currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree program.
Expectations for Mentees:

Expectations for Mentees: To set realistic goals and objectives that are achievable within a short-term program. To be available to communicate and meet with his/her Mentor. To attend group meetings at NYFA’s offices in Brooklyn or host organizations based in New York City (list below).

Before applying, please check you are available for these dates as attendance is mandatory.
  • Inaugural Meeting: Tuesday, July 1, 6pm – 8:30pm
  • Follow Up: Wednesday, July 16, 6pm – 8:30pm
  • Alumni Meeting: Wednesday, August 6, 6pm – 8pm
  • Final Celebration/Next Steps: Wednesday, September 10, 6pm – 8:30pm 
How To Apply
The application is in 2 parts:

Part I: Complete online application.
Part II: Email Work Samples to i.outreach@nyfa.org

Click Here to Apply:

The deadline for submitting this application is 
Thursday, May 29, 2014. All applicants will receive notification of final decisions by June 16, 2014. For more information about the program and 2013 participants, please click here.

Contact Program Officer, Felicity Hogan at i.outreach@nyfa.org or call at (212) 366-6900 ext. 242

Monday, May 12, 2014


  • Location: Wellingore, Lincolnshire, UK
  • Deadline: June 23, 2014
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Eligibility: UK artists at all stages of their career and who are not currently in formal education and will not be during the residency period.
  • Costs & Support: Selected artists will receive a fee of £2000 to cover all costs.
  • URL: http://beaconartproject.org/opportunities/
Beacon is offering three separate residencies each of two weeks duration scheduled to occur between August-September, November-December 2014 and March-April 2015. The exact dates will be confirmed in consultation with the selected artists. The themes of B.resident are collaboration, the production, presentation and reception of art outside of mainstream paradigms.B.residentis open to application from UK artists at all stages of their career and who are not currently in formal education and will not be during the residency period.
 The aims of B.residentare to:
  • Offer the selected artists the time and space to focus on the development of their work.
  • Challenge the selected artists to develop their understanding of how a contemporary art practice may reside in a rural context.
  • Develop longer-term relationships with the artists Beacon works with.
 Each selected artist will:
  • Be provided with a studio with basic self-contained living accommodation in the Lincolnshire village of Wellingore.
  • Receive a fee of £2000 to cover all costs.
  • Receive mentoring support from John Plowman, director and curator of Beacon
  • Receive mentoring support from a visiting artist/curator chosen in consultation with the artist.
  • Exhibit and give a presentation as part of the B.talking programme.

Deadline 23 June 2014 more information and submission guidelines can be found here:

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Artistic Research Trip to Romania

Nasui Collection & Gallery, an independent organization that supports contemporary art and artists from Romania internationally, is now accepting applications for its first annual Call for Curatorial Projects & Research Trip to Romania for spring 2015.
Over the past three years, Nasui Collection & Gallery, has co-produced over 35 exhibitions internationally, providing exclusive opportunities to engage with Romanian art to various audiences from France, UK, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Israel, Italy.

The call
Nasui Collection & Gallery wants to provide increased opportunities and exposure to the artists represented by the gallery: Bogdan RațaRadu Belcin,Flavia PitișGabriel KelemenDaniel BriciFelix DeacCristian Todie,Alexandru Bunescu.
Through one-week tailored research trip, Nasui Collection & Gallery provides visionary professionals with access and resources to connect with both own representative artists and other actors from Romania’s vibrant art scene.
The curator is encouraged to document the work of the artists represented by Nasui Collection & Gallery and to round-up a curatorial project which to include them. The curatorial project is encouraged to include any other artists and take place anywhere in the world.
Honorary 1.000 euro and covered expenses (accommodation, per-diem and transport)
Active professionals in the field of contemporary visual art and culture (such as gallery and museum directors, institutional and independent curators) are eligible to apply. Priority is given to applicants who are able to facilitate exhibitions, projects, events etc. and whose work aims broader audiences around the world.
The applicants must work and live outside Romania, due to the need of a fresh look upon the curatorial process.
Application Process
All applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Applicants will be selected upon their professional activities, their portfolio and their ability to maximise the opportunities provided by this trip.
In case of interest in applying for the Call for Curatorial Projects & Research Trip by Nasui Collection & Gallery, please include following documents and information in your application:
_Personal contact information
_Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages)
_Letter of Intent (motivation for participation, ideas to be developed during the stay and desired dates during spring 2015) (maximum 600 words)
_Portfolio of projects and curatorial activity in the last three years, including curatorial grants, articles in publications etc.
All materials should be submitted in English.
To apply, please email the dossier at cosmin@cosminnasui.com with the subject: Application for Curatorial Projects Spring 2015.
Nasui Collection & Gallery reserves the right to change, modify or revise the call at any time. The jury is not required to justify its decisions.
Application for the Call for Curatorial Projects & Research Trip by Nasui Collection & Gallery is free of charge. 
The call is published on 10 April 2014 and it is opened until 10 of September 2014.
The reviewing period of time is September – October 2014.
The research trip is to take place in Bucharest in spring 2015, after common agreement upon the exact time.
The selected participant will visit artists’ studios, meet with curators and professionals; visit galleries, museums and alternative institutions in Bucharest and more; experience a tour of House of the People architecture and visit the Old City in Bucharest.

About Nasui Collection & Gallery
Nasui collection & gallery is an independent organization that supports contemporary art and artists from Romania internationally.
Nasui collection & gallery (based in Bucharest, Romania, Europe) has exhibited extensively in museums, galleries, cultural centres and public spaces including Venice Biennale, Liverpool Biennial, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
The gallery offers a selection of publications: books, catalogues and brochures, that feature exhibitions, artists’ portfolios and theoretical researches.
Nasui collection & gallery’s featured and represented artists have been acquired by private collections.
www.cosminnasui.comcosmin at cosminnasui.com
004 0723 358 945

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CHIARO AWARD for Painting

The Chiaro Award is a fully sponsored artist residency and cash prize for an accomplished mid-career painter residing in the United States.  The award is designed to have meaningful impact on the life and career of one artist per year, by both recognizing past success and by fostering his or her ability to continue to produce exceptional and exemplary work in the medium of painting.
Residencies of six to ten weeks include dedicated use of a private studio, chef-prepared meals, comfortable housing, and a cash award of $15,000. The Chiaro Awardee will become part of the dynamic community of artists participating in Headlands’ programs, sharing in peer-to-peer creative exchange while developing his or her individual artistic practice.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Artists in residencies

"Mind Puzzle" is a three year transdisciplinary cultural project of dance and theater workshop Ludwigsburg under artistic direction of Fabian Chyle on dementia. "Mind Puzzle" The aim with artistic actions and interventions to sensitize different social target groups for the topic of dementia and to stimulate artistic media by a non-embossed from deficit discourse about dementia.

"Mind Puzzle" combines theory and practice, established artistic action in social spaces and creates spaces for exchange, networking and discourse. Every year, a future workshop will be held on various topics.
In the future workshop 2014 "Dementia and Art" is, especially the view from Künstler_innen on the topic of dementia, in focus.
For the Future Workshop 2014 3 "Artist in residencies" (10 - 10.26.2014) are given for Künstler_innen all disciplines.
The selected Künstler_innen will research for a week in an institution for people with dementia in Ludwigsburg. Subsequently, work or rehearsal space for another week will be made available to process "found" artistic impressions. The results will be presented on October 25 as part of the Future Workshop 2014. In addition, the Besucher_innen is given in a "World Café" opportunity to share with the Künstler_innen.
What we offer:
* Introductory Workshop on 11 and October 12, 2014
* access to the field (nursing homes, etc.)
* samples / work spaces
* fee: 2000 €
* Production grant up to 800 €
* Rice subsidy of up to 200 €
* accommodation if needed
What we expect:
* present throughout the research - and production time
* Documentation of the process on the website  www.in-contact-with-demenz.de* Presentation of a work-in-progress result on the Future Workshop 2014
* Sleep under a " World Café "to speak at the workshop of the future in 2014 with the Besucher_innen about the artistic work and the experiences during the stay
Please apply with:
* CV in abstract (max. 1200 characters) & tabular version
* Conception in short (max. 2500 characters) and detailed version of the research project with emphasis on:
a) What is directed the interest of the research? What ideas and question To Finding conduct research?
b) How do they want to research in the field?
c) How to deal with the design process with the found material?
d) What is your personal motivation in this project?
There is no description of the result expected, but a detailed description of how you imagine the research process. * Material of previous work (digital only)

Please send your application by email tokatrin@tanzundtheaterwerkstatt.de
More information: 
www.in-contact-with-demenz.deKatrin Temme katrin@tanzundtheaterwerkstatt.de Phone 07141 78891-40

Application deadline: May 25, 2014Decisions will be announced in the first week of June.
Curators: Fabian Chyle (dance, performance, media), Bernhard Eusterschulte (visual arts, drama, media), Bettina Gonsiorek (socio-cultural), Hans-Peter Jahn (music, musical theater), Katrin Temme (Cultural Studies, Gerontology)

Monday, May 5, 2014

University of Edinburgh Exhibitions Officer

Vacancy Ref: :029055Closing Date :07-May-2014
Contact Person :Neil LebeterContact Number :0131 651 1794
Contact Email :neil.lebeter@ed.ac.uk
Job Title: CRC Exhibitions Officer (Fixed -term, part-time post)

Location: Central Edinburgh

Salary: £20,972 to £24,289 per annum (pro rata for 21 hours per week)

The University of Edinburgh seeks a creative, dynamic and experienced individual to develop and deliver our collections-based temporary exhibitions programmes in the Main Library Exhibition Gallery and other associated display spaces. University Collections is a rich and stimulating environment which includes special collections, archives, art collections and musical instrument museums as well as many other museum-based teaching and research collections. Working with such a varied range of collections and projects, the job pivots on excellent organisational and communication skills and involves working with a wide range of academic and creative partners.

A keen eye for detail and flair for presentation within a busy exhibition timetable and installation schedules are essential. You will support and actively contribute to the University Collections Exhibitions Panel, therefore excellent administrative skills are important.

The post will also support the department’s volunteer and placement programme, so you will work closely with student volunteers and interns as required.

This is a part-time fixed-term post for 2.5 years.

Closing date: Wednesday 7 May 2014 at 5pm.
Further Particulars

1. Job Details

Job title: CRC Exhibitions Officer

School/Support Department: Library & University Collections

Unit: Museums

Line manager: Head of Museums

2. Job Purpose

To assist in the effective development and delivery of a temporary Exhibitions Programme for University Collections within the exhibition spaces of the University Main Library.

3. Main Responsibilities

1. To provide support for the temporary Exhibitions Programme by facilitating the work of the University Collections Exhibitions Panel; scheduling and administering Panel meetings; collating exhibition proposals documentation; assisting with developing exhibition ideas; overseeing University Collections exhibitions database. (Approx % of time 50%) 

2. To assist in the delivery of exhibitions by planning for and carrying out a variety of co-ordination duties relating to the practical installation, operation and de-installation phases of the Exhibitions Programme including working with curatorial, technical and other University staff and external contractors, as well as activity related to exhibitions publicity, contractual arrangements, travel and transportation itineraries, and events organisation/co-ordination; to collate and file exhibitions documentation; to assist with handling exhibitions-related enquiries. (Approx % of time 40%) 

3. To undertake duties during exhibitions by working with Main Library colleagues in CRC Reception, IS Helpdesk and ML Forum Reception to ensure the exhibition spaces are well presented for visitors including, restocking interpretive and promotional material as appropriate; handling routine enquiries; liaising with CRC curators and IS Facilities and IT colleagues as appropriate on routine exhibition maintenance tasks. (Approx % of time 8%)

4. To undertake any other administrative duties relating to exhibitions as directed by the Head of Museums or other senior curatorial staff as appropriate. (Approx % of time 2%)

4. Planning and Organising

The day-to-day activities of the postholder will be directed and supervised by the Head of Museums or senior CRC staff as appropriate. Day-to-day priorities will be influenced by the current stage of the exhibitions planning cycle or installation schedule. For example, in the exhibitions planning period, the postholder will work in close liaison with the Exhibitions Panel, while in the installation phase, the postholder will work co-ordinating curatorial, academic and technical colleagues and contractors.

5. Problem Solving

The postholder will deal capably with any routine issues which may arise, and address any organisational or co-ordination issues as they arise. Any unusual issues will be raised with the Museums Development Manager. The postholder will use his or her own initiative to source appropriate suppliers of exhibition-related materials and services, to allocated budgets and within exhibition lead-times. The postholder will refer to policies and procedures developed internally, as well as employ best practice and uphold appropriate professional curatorial standards.

6. Decision Making

Primarily, responsibility for decision-making within the exhibition spaces lies with senior CRC staff however the postholder is required to organise priorities as matters arise and deadlines are imposed. The postholder will work to the Head of Museums within existing procedures, but will be expected to use his or her own initiative to suggest improvements to these procedures in order to ensure best practice and maximization of resources and make planning decisions in the course of his or her daily work. 

7. Key Contacts/Relationships 

Colleagues in the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) and University Collections

University of Edinburgh staff especially: IS division, IS Helpdesk, CRC Reception, ML Forum Reception, Estates and Buildings, University Security, Communication and Marketing, and Edinburgh First

Volunteers and interns

Other museums, galleries and collections, especially the Talbot Rice Gallery 

General public, organised groups as visitors to the exhibition spaces

External contractors, exhibition specialists, conservators, suppliers

8. Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job



Experience within the museums and galleries sector

Experience of staff supervision 

Experience working in a project management environment

Experience in event planning

Customer service experience with good interpersonal skills

Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


Knowledge of object and/or art handling practices

Proven experience and knowledge of Microsoft Office packages

Awareness of good Health and Safety practice

Excellent communication and organisational skills

Personal Attributes 


Self-motivated, dedicated, with ability to work both independently and in a team and collaborate effectively hands-on with a wide range of people

Strong attention to detail and flair for presentation while maintaining a broad perspective

Ability to work under pressure, with frequent changes and interruptions, and to meet inflexible deadlines 

9. Dimensions 

The postholder will provide guidance on basic duties to museums / exhibition volunteers and interns if appropriate. The postholder will be responsible for two exhibition spaces in the Main University Library – the Display Wall of the Centre for Research Collections (CRC), and small but high profile area in the entrance to the CRC which will showcase a range of material from University Collections; and the Ground Floor Exhibition Gallery, a controlled space with the capacity for both cased material and material on open display. 

The CRC’s Exhibition Gallery mounts 3 primary exhibitions per year. Display Wall exhibitions will, where practical, reflect and/or complement displays in the ground floor Exhibition Room. The Exhibitions Programme is planned on a 3 year cycle, at Exhibition Planning meetings, with some flexibility dependent on curatorship and University semester dates. Exhibitions are expected to be of the highest standard allowed by resources, and at minimum: based on professional scholarly research; follow a design brief including concepts, visuals, and graphics that have benefited from the input of professional curators/subject specialists; strive to meet current relevant standards (Museum Accreditation Scheme, PD:5454 2000, conservation etc).

Application Procedure

All applicants should apply online by clicking the apply link at the bottom of this page. The application process is quick and easy to follow, and you will receive email confirmation of safe receipt of your application. The online system allows you to submit a CV and other attachments.

We anticipate interviews will be held in the week commencing 26 May 2014.You will be notified by email whether you have been shortlisted for interview or not.

The closing date is 5pm on Wednesday 7 May 2014.
Eligibility to Work

In accordance with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 the University of Edinburgh, as an employer, has a legal responsibility to prevent illegal working and therefore must check that all employees are entitled to work in the United Kingdom (UK).

To do so, the University of Edinburgh requires to see original documents evidencing right to work in the UK before commencement of employment and this is normally carried out at interview. Details will be provided in any letter of invitation to interview.

For further information on eligibility to work please visit our eligibility to work website

In the circumstances where the vacancy does not meet the UKBA advertising, salary and/or qualification level criteria for sponsorship the successful applicant must have the existing right to work in the UK.

Conditions of Employment 
Pension Scheme

For employees on University Grades 1-5 or equivalent there are two pension schemes available: University of Edinburgh Staff Benefits Scheme (SBS) or the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

This role is grade UE05 and therefore the post holder will automatically become a member of the NEST scheme if their monthly earnings are deemed to be ‘qualifying earnings’ (equivalent to the HMRC monthly threshold above which their earnings are taxable). If the post holder’s earnings are not deemed as “qualifying earnings” and therefore will not automatically become a member they can opt in to the NEST scheme. 

The post holder can choose to join SBS and by doing so they will not become a member of the NEST scheme.

Further information on the different employer/employee contribution levels required for each scheme and different levels of benefits that the post holder may receive may be found at on our Pensions website


The role is grade UE05 and attracts an annual salary of £12,583 to £14,573 for 21 hours, part-time each week (full-time equivalent annual salary £20,972 to £24,289). Salary is paid monthly by direct transfer to your Bank or Building Society account, normally on the 28th of the month. Salaries for part-time staff are calculated on the full-time scales, pro-rata to the Standard Working Week.