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Request for Qualifications: City of Baltimore Pre-Qualified Public Artist List 2015

The City of Baltimore, the Baltimore Public Art Commission, and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts are seeking interested artists and/or artist collaborators to submit qualifications for consideration and inclusion in Baltimore’s Pre-Qualified Public Artist List.  The pre-qualified list will go into effect upon review and approval of the Public Art Commission and remain in effect for three years. This list will be utilized and referenced for upcoming public art projects under the 1%-for-Public Art Program, most importantly federally funded construction projects requiring artists and/or artist collaborators to work directly with  the overall project design firm to incorporate artwork into the plan. (Note: Artists looking to apply with murals should apply directly to the Baltimore Mural Arts Program, application available at:


Applications must be received by February 13, 2015

Applications received after the deadline and those that are found to be incomplete will not be reviewed. It is the responsibility of the submitting artist to ensure that applications are complete and arrive by the deadline. Extensions to this deadline will not be granted under any circumstances.


Applications must be submitted using the Call for Entry (CAFÉ) online application system managed by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). Artists will be required to create a username and password and set up a personal account, free of charge, Following successful set up, all interested applicants will be granted full access to our detailed application, simply click on “Apply to Calls” and click on the “Request for Qualifications (RFQ): City of Baltimore Pre-Qualified Public Artist List.” Your account information, including your resume, references, and images will be archived and saved for your convenience and easy access when applying to future calls using CAFÉ. 


Please upload the following onto the CAFÉ online application system:

  • Artist Statement: briefly describe your interest and qualifications for being included in the registry. Describe your prior public art experience and approach to working with communities (one page maximum)

  • Resume: a current resume, which outlines your experience as a public artist. Artist teams or collaborative groups may submit a combined resume.

  • Images: Ten (10) images of completed past artworks. Including: title of work, dimensions, medium, year of completion, location, three (3) sentence description, and budget amount. If applying as a team, only ten (10) images can be submitted.Images must be sized to the following dimensions (as required by the CAFÉ online application system) Dimensions: 1920 pixels horizontal by 1920 pixels vertical (one image per slide please) File Format: Baseline JPEG (do not use progressive JPEG format) Compression:Please size each image to be no more than 2 MB in file size. JPEG images cannot be saved as progressive JPEG files. Progressive JPEG files will appear on the CAFÉ Web site, but will not display properly during the jury process. File Name:CAFÉ will automatically rename files

  • References: Names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of three (3) professional references for each applicant.


  1. Inclusion on the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List does not guarantee commission of artwork.

  2. Artists, who are included on the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List, will remain on that list for a period of two years.  Artists must reapply every two years.

  3. Exclusion of an artist from the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List does not make them ineligible to apply for individual project RFQ’s.

  4. The Baltimore Public Art Commission is allowed and may require issuance of individual project RFQ’s.  Artists, who are included on the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List, must also submit an application for those RFQ’s to be considered for the corresponding project.

  5. Artwork commissioned under Baltimore’s 1%-for-Public Art Program will be required to withstand a high-traffic, unmonitored outdoor environment with very limited maintenance.

  6. Public art project budgets vary and may range, but not be limited, from $20,000.00 to $500,000.00. These budgets are inclusive of design, artist fees, fabrication, installation, insurance provisions, and all other costs associated with the public artwork.

  7. In some cases, artists commissioned for Baltimore’s 1%-for-Public Art Program may work directly on the team with the construction project engineers and architects.  In such cases, artists will be hired as sub-contractors within these design firms; therefore, contracts and payment to artists will be negotiated by these firms.

  8. Exclusion of an artist from the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List does not make them ineligible to apply for individual project RFQ’s.

  9. The Baltimore Public Art Commission is allowed and may require issuance of individual project RFQ’s.  Artists, who are included on the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List, must also submit an application for those RFQ’s to be considered for the corresponding project.

  10. Artists, who are included on the Pre-Qualified Public Artist List, will remain on that list for a period of two years.  Artists must reapply every two years.

  11. The City of Baltimore, the Baltimore City Public Art Commission and the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts reserves the right to reproduce images of submitted artwork for printed or internet publicity, catalogue, map or other marketing or educational purposes.


Any professional artist or artist team is eligible to apply. If artists are applying as a team, the team should be declared in the Artist Statement, specifying a team leader to receive notifications. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Current Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts employees and Public Art Commission members may not apply.


Qualifications will be reviewed by the Baltimore Public Art Commission based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetic merit of past projects; appropriateness of artwork medium and artistic concepts.

  • Experience, success and/or interest in creating public artworks in collaboration with architects, design teams, and community members.

  • Past public art commissions not requisite for review, but submitted work should demonstrate potential for consideration as part of a public art selection process.


To enrich and enliven the experience of Baltimore City for its citizens and visitors

To establish a significant public art collection for the City.

To create an engaging space, artwork, and environment that accentuates construction efforts, and is sensitive to the community where the artwork is located

To commission public artwork that is durable and able to withstand high-traffic, unmonitored outdoor environments that include extreme adverse weather conditions, with very little maintenance


Lou Joseph

Visual Arts Specialist

Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cincinnati Findlay Market Public Art RFQ + Concept


Public Art Project

Cincinnati Findlay Market

Artist’s Budget: $140,000 USD

DEADLINE: Sunday, February 15, 11:59 PM MST

Project Overview

ArtWorks, with the generous support of The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation of Greater Cincinnati invite artists residing in the United States to submit qualifications including relevant past work and a site-specific conceptual sketch for a public art installation at Cincinnati’s Findlay Market, Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions. Representing the second of a three year commitment from the Haile Foundation, this project aims to create an engaging, delightful, and memorable installation that enhances and complements the iconic nature of Findlay Market. Two to three artists or teams will be selected as finalists by a jury and paid $500 to develop full design proposals. The total budget for this public art project is $140,000.  A separate $10,000 fund will be set aside for maintenance. 

Eligibility: This RFQ is open to all professional artists and artist teams over the age of 18, who currently reside in the United States.

Application Deadline: February 15, 2015, 11:59pm MST via

 ArtWorks and The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation

Our City is a gallery. That’s the premise of ArtWorks’ public art program and award-winning mural program. ArtWorks has an excellent track record of employing artists and engaging the community through wonderful installations of public art. Since 1997, ArtWorks has helped transform Greater Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, providing inspiration for visitors and residents through the creation of 90 outdoor murals. A few examples of ArtWorks’ other public art commissions include: in 2010 ArtWorks commissioned LeFerve Studios to create bronze sidewalk in-lays in Cincinnati’s Clifton neighborhood. In 2013, ArtWorks commissioned Wowhaus Studios to create two site-specific kinetic sculptures in Cincinnati’s Pendleton neighborhood. In 2014, ArtWorks commissioned Richard Renaldi to create a large-scale, Cincinnati-specific, public installation of his photography series Touching Strangers throughout the city.

With a generous gift from The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. Foundation toward the creation of Public Art in Cincinnati, ArtWorks seeks to present permanent site specific installations in public spaces that appeal to a broad public.

Project goals 

  • Complementary – Work should stand in complement to the iconic presence of Findlay Market and enhance the patron’s affinity for Findlay Market and Love of Cincinnati.

  • Delight – Work should create a sense of charm, loveliness, or beauty for the observer. Should have the potential to elicit a smile.

  • Memorable – Work should leave a positive lasting impression on the observer.

  • Sense of arrival – Work should provide a sense of arrival at Findlay Market for pedestrians and riders of the soon-to-be-complete Streetcar.

  • Engaging – Works should ‘invite you in’ emotionally, should have a visual gravity that encourages the patron to observe the work.

  • Durable - materials should last outdoors for a minimum 10 year time period.

Site Description & Considerations

Findlay Market Overview

Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions. The Market is located just blocks from downtown in Over-the-Rhine, a dense historic neighborhood rich in 19th century architecture. Open Tuesday through Sunday, Findlay Market is home year-round to about two dozen indoor merchants selling meat, fish, poultry, produce, flowers, cheese, deli, and ethnic foods. On Saturdays and Sundays from April to November the Market also hosts a thriving farmers market, dozens of outdoor vendors, numerous street performers, and lots of special events. Findlay Market is a gathering place for people from all over the city. It routinely attracts socially, economically, racially, and ethnically diverse crowds in Cincinnati. Visitors come for the sights, sounds, and smells of an old-fashioned public market, for the great variety of fabulous fresh foods, for bargains, for people watching, and for a quintessentially urban shopping experience. The area is also undergoing increased redevelopment with the addition of a Streetcar, nearby breweries, businesses, condos and restaurants.

Western Plaza/Esplanade of Market House

The area of the market house with the greatest visibility and is the most desirable location for siting a public art work is the Western Plaza/Esplanade. The dimensions of the plaza run approximately 75’ long along Elm Street and 23 feet from sidewalk to the overhand of the Market house.

The Western Plaza is currently the second most trafficked point of entry to the market.

In 2016, the Cincinnati Street Car System will have a north-bound stop a few steps south of the Western Plaza, making this a more visible and foot-trafficked location.

This site is currently heavily populated during peak hours, programmed as a “bier-garten” with live music, tables and chairs for Market patrons during warmer months, especially on weekends as well as other special events during other seasons, like winter Christmas tree sales, thus creating a desire to preserve ground space of the plaza when possible.

Due to Findlay Market’s desire to preserve functional ground space for such programming, artists are encouraged to elevate their works via either suspension, or by a pole or column with a small footprint. If more than an approximately 3’x3’ footprint is to be occupied by the work of art in the plaza space, the art should incorporate functionality for the space.

Artists are also encouraged to look at the approximately 50’ x 7’ footprint created by seven round terra-cotta planters measuring approximately 5’ in diameter that serve as both beautification elements, but also as traffic bollards between the seating area of the plaza and the intersection of West Elder Street and Elm Street. One or more of these planters may be removed and replaced with public art.

Historic District Conservation Guidelines

Findlay Market exists within a local historic conservation district and is a historic landmark itself retaining much of the original building from 1852. Therefore, all installations must be approved by the Local Historic Conservation Board and be approved with a Certificate of Appropriateness. Each historic district or landmark has its own set of conservation guidelines, which are used to evaluate proposed work. These guidelines are intended to protect the character of an individual building and site as well as the surrounding historic district. The Historic Conservation Office staff can provide technical assistance on a project and advice on the compliance of a project with the guidelines. Preliminary reviews of the proposal are available.

Over-the-Rhine Historic District guidelines may be found here:

Images of Site

Link to Dropbox of Findlay Market site images:

Project Artist Budget

$140,000. Inclusive of:

  • Artist fee

  • Fabrication

  • Site preparation

  • Shipping and Installation of art

  • Additional travel and accommodations during project for a minimum of 2 trips: installation and dedication

$10,000, separate fund to be allocated for maintenance

Project Timeline


January 9                         Applications Open

February 15                      Application Deadline

March 15                          Finalists Notified and invited to submit full proposal

May 30                            Full Proposal Deadline

Mid-June                          Presentations of Proposals, if desired and necessary

July                                 Final Artist Selected

September 1                     Final Design, with engineering drawings due from Artist

Sept., Oct.                        Reviews and Approval from City of Cincinnati, Conservator/Planning & Buildings

Nov. – Feb. 2016                Fabrication

Spring 2016                       Installation

Submission Requirements

  • Current Resume (two page limit)

  • Artist Statement (4000 characters, approximately 900 words)

    • Describe your experience in site-specific public art

    • Describe your experience working within a historic district

    • Description of idea and approach to the Haile Findlay Market Public Art project, how you would approach the project given the budget and site considerations.

  • List of professional references (at least three): Please include name, address, phone number, and email address for each individual.

  • 6 - 10 digital images of previous work.

    • .jpg format preferred

    • Each image must be 5 megabites or less.

  • Minimum of 1 site-specific conceptual sketch of work of art that responds to the Haile / Findlay Market Public Art Project goals, site description and considerations, with description.

    • Sketch may be a pencil drawing, or in black and white.

    • Sketch should be placed in situ.

Successful Applications will:

  • Exhibit a track record of successful site-specific public art works, working within a given budget,

  • Proof of ability to be sensitive to the context of a site,

  • Understand technical demands of working within a historic district,

  • Clearly convey project goals in concept sketch and description.

Delivery of Materials and Presentation

  • All submissions should be made through

  • Proposal materials should be submitted by 11:59 MST on Sunday February 15, 2014

Any additional physical materials may be submitted to:         


ATTN: David Heyburn

20 E. Central Parkway

Cincinnati, OH 45202


ArtWorks Public Art Manager – David Heyburn


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

EUROVIDEO 2015 : Call for entries

Fanny Pluymers
Phone: 0032499358277

Videographies ASBL
Boulevard Poincare, 15
4020 Liege


European competition for digital arts
Call for entries deadline : February 15th
3 Categories / 6 Awards
Video Art / Interactive Installations / Transmedia projects
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EUROVIDEO 2015, an European Digital and Experimental Arts Festival. 
Driven by Videographies, EUROVIDEO 2015 follows the aims of this non-profit organization: to promote growing talents and to foster the emergence of new artists. This mission has already been a success in 2010 with the International Competition « VIDEOGRAPHIES [21] ».

The EUROVIDEO 2015 Competition will take place on March 17, 18, and 19, 2015 at Le Théâtre de Liège; in association with Mons 2015 European Capital of Culture, RTBF (National Belgian television) and RTC (local television).

The pre-selected works will be shown during the Festival, and will be simultaneously transmitted to the EUROPA Cafés situated in several European cities. The EUROPA Cafés constitute a cultural network organized by Mons 2015.

On this occasion, a call for digital creation is launched toward young artists under the age of 30. The competition is divided into three categories. The 'Films and Videos' category aims authors living in the European Union or in any country that wishes to join it. Both 'Interactive installations' and 'Transmedia projects' categories aim artists residing in Belgium. 

Deadline : February 15, 2015. 

Besides the six prizes awarded in the end of the competition, EUROVIDEO 2015 is a great opportunity to bring visibility to young creation. 

Contact : 
Fanny Pluymers

ASBL Videographies
Mediarives RTBF
Boulevard Raymond Poincare, 15
4020 Liege (BELGIQUE)
+32 (0) 499 35 82 77

All needed documents for entrants are on, in English and in French.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Residency at Gleis70 in Zurich Switzerland

Gitta Gsell / Katrin Simonett / Rownak Bose

Verein Gastatelier Gleis70
Hermetschloostrasse 70
8048 Zürich


Application for a artists residency at Gleis70 in Zurich Switzerland

Application Deadline:
March 20th 2015


The Cooperative 'Gleis70″ together with the Cultural Department of the City and State of Zurich provide a residential artist studio, including a living/working space as well as a grant. This residency is for visual artists from abroad or Swiss visual artists from the French, Italian or Romansh-speaking part.
Artists have the opportunity to stay four/five months in the gueststudio Gleis70 while pursuing their own projects and to network with inhouse artists or the art scene in Zurich.


The Gueststudio Gleis70 is located in Zurich Altstetten in an former factory building in a industrial area. Artists, musicians, designers, inventors, composers, writers, graphic artists, dancers, filmmakers, and many more work in the Gleis70 Cooperative building. It is located right beside the tracks of the train Zürich-Bern/Basel and is easily accessible by public transportation.

The Gueststudio:

The Gueststudio Gleis70 includes a living room (14m2) with sleeping, cooking, shower capabilities and a larger working space (20m2). The studio is on the 6th floor, opposite the cafeteria and the roof terrace.

The studio is partly furnished: Racks / desks / chairs / bed /sofa. Shower and kitchen are inside the studio, Toilets are on the same floor for communal use.
 An inhouse washing machine can be used.
 Free wireless LAN. A bicycle is available.
 For Mobility-subscribers a car is available in front of the house.
The cafeteria on the 6th floor is open during the day from 9am – 4pm. 
Lunch from 
11:30am – 2pm.
 A Pronto shop for groceries is in the neighbourhood.

The Residency is not suitable for large projects or groups. The Cafeteria is on the same floor and has once a week a Party. Therefore the Studio is not suitable for artists who are sensitive to noise.


The Cooperative 'Gleis70″ and the Cultural Department of the City and State of Zurich provide the Gueststudio to the artist for free. In addition the artists will receive a monthly payment of sFr. 2'000.-, as well as travel expenses from the home destination to Zurich and back (one time). The artist will have health insurance during their stay in the Gueststudio. The artist is responsible for additional costs, livingexpenses, materials, insurance, etc. 


Applications for:

- beginning of July 2015 until the end of October 2015 – 4 month
- beginning of November 2015 until the end of February 2016 – 4 month
- beginning of March 2016 until the end of July 2016 – 5 month
- beginning of August 2016 until the end of December 2016 – 5 month


Please send the following as PDF by email only 
(the complete PDF file can not extend 10MB):

• Applicationform
• Personal statement or letter of motivation or description of a project
• CV
• Documentation of artistic works

Applicationdeadline is Friday, March 20th 2015 
Send to:

Applications that don't meet the deadline, or exceed the 10MB, as well as applications by postal-services will not be considered.

Verein Gastatelier Gleis70
Hermetschloostrasse 70
8048 Zürich – Switzerland

Monday, January 26, 2015

Call to Artists for Public Art: Two Commissioned Metal Sculptures for Blue Springs, MO

Blue Springs Downtown Alive! (Blue Springs, MO) issues a Call to Artists for pieces of metal sculptures that are site specific and incorporates existing "historic" metal materials. The theme for the exhibition is "Remnants Restored". The commission for each sculpture is $15,000. 
Blue Springs Downtown Alive! is a 501(c)(3) organization .
Our VISION is to create a healthy, livable, energized and prosperous downtown within the context of cultural and historic preservation . 
Our MISSION is to be innovative in our revitalization of downtown by engaging in historic preservation activities that improve the appearance, business vitality, livability, and include the arts. These improvements will provide routine visible activities including amenitiesthat support and draw our residentto our urban downtown business district. 
To complement our revitalization plan, sculptures incorporating recovered materials from historic, iconic  structures will help initiate interest and conversation about the historical significance of our city. This will also be a long-term attraction to entice residents, visitors and new businesses and livability to downtown Blue Springs.
Blue Springs Downtown Alive! is partnering with the Blue Springs Public Art Commission to undertake the project for commissioning public sculptures which will celebrate the City's heritage. The Blue Springs Public Art Commission was established by the City of Blue Springs to serve as a catalyst for aesthetic excellence in our community and to enhance the artistic vitality of Blue Springs. The Public Art Commission will direct all activities in the selection process.
For information about the City of Blue Springs, visit  and to learn about the public art program, click on Government, then Boards and Commissions, then Public Art Commission.
This Call is for commissioning two unique and site-specific sculptures which will incorporate recovered metals (aluminum and steel), that are of historic significance. These metals will be provided without charge to the artist or artists who receive the commission . Each sculpture must be site specific to the area chosen for placement.
An artist may apply for either one or for both commissions. One sculpture will incorporate recovered aluminum from the historic bank building in the downtown area. The second sculpture will incorporate recovered steel from the water tower that dominated the City landscape for many years. These recovered materials may be incorporated into the sculpture in any manner or quantity that the artist may choose.
Steel from water tower. The steel material available to the artist consists of four pieces of steel obtained during the removal of the downtown area water tower that was built in the 1960's. The sizes of the steel are 6" x 8" x 1/4",5 1/2' x 8'-9" x 1/4", 6' x 9' x 1/4" and 4 1/2' x 6' x 1/4"The larger pieces weigh about 600 lbs each with a slight curve to each piece. The steel is painted on one side with an epoxy and urethane system. Some lettering is visible on the steel. Photos of the steel material are provided. The artist may choose any two of these steel materials at no cost for the material or for shipping to the artist.
Aluminum from exterior of America's Community Bank. The aluminum material available to the artist consists of 13 pieces of fabricated exterior aluminum siding dating back to the late 1960's. Each piece has a unique bow tie shaped design. The aluminum is thin and bendable. Each piece is 5" wide x 1'-0" height x 3'-0" length. The center tapers down center to 9 1/4" height. The front of each piece is not painted, but the back of each piece is painted teal. Other aluminum material includes 8 corners (2 1/4 " x 6 1/4 " x 5'-5") and 24 connecting straps (3/4" x 3/4" x 1'-4"). Photos of the materials are provided.
Steel Sculpture. The site chosen for the steel sculpture is in the downtown area of Blue Springs one block off Main Street. The art location is across the street from the soon to be completed new Public Safety Building and at the entrance of a new 87 space parking lot. The steel material was recovered from the water tower that once stood in front of the old Public Safety building.  The display area is 8' depth by 20' wide.  Photos show the sites as they currently exist, not as they will be after completion of the renovation project. New landscaping will be planted near the display site.
Aluminum Sculpture.The site chosen for the aluminum sculpture is located in the downtown area of Blue Springs at the entrance to a small 24 space parking lot for the City Hall Campus. The art display location has a cobblestone brick surface, and it overlooks Main Street and the building from which the aluminum material was recovered .
10' x 10' display area is next to a planter box with a bench and mature trees.
Footings and Display Pedestals.  The City of Blue Springs will install the necessary footings and pedestals needed to display the art.
The juror  panel selected artist/s will receive an honorarium of $15,000, for each of the two pieces  of sculpture. This shall include all costs including:  optional site visits by the artist, design, additional materials, fabrication, engineering costs, transportation of sculpture to the installation site, and artist related installation materials.  The "historic" metals will be provided and shipped to the winning artist without cost. Artists will be paid one-third of the compensation upon awarding of the commission and the remaining amount as arranged by contract. The City  of Blue Springs will assist with site preparation, in-ground piers or the like, scheduling and installation assistance as may be needed including lifting equipment.
Artists must submit the following to be considered:
• Letter of Interest-identify which category (aluminum or steel,) you want to submit for, and any other information to show why you are interested in this project. If you are submitting for both categories. you will need to submit two separate applications with all the required application information.
•  Current Resume-include information  and details about educational background,  previous work, honors, and past experience in public art projects.
• Image/ File Requirements-a minimum of four and a maximum of six jpeg images representative  of your body of work is required. One additional video file is optional.
Various file preparation directions and a tutorial for all submissions requested is clearly stated on the CAFE for artists web site using the following link.......
https: // /image  prep.phtml
Any questions regarding file preparation should be directed to the home page of CAFE'
https:/ /www /index.php
At the bottom of the page you will find a "CONTACT US" box where you can get answers to your questions regarding use of and file preparation.
    • Initial Submission Deadline Date: Feb 6. 2015
    • Finalists Notified: Feb 20. 2015
    • Finalists Make Presentations : Week of March 23. 2015
    • Winning Artist/s Announced: March 30. 2015
    •  Planned Installation Date: Week of November 2. 2015
    • Dedication:  Spring 2016 
  • All applications must meet application requirements  and deadlines to be considered for this Call to Artists
  • Applicants will be first juried on the basis of submission materials, including artistic quality of past work, experience and academic credentials
  • Next, two artists in each cateory will be selected for further review, which will involve presentation of each artist's proposal sketches (in the method chosen by the artist) and an interview with the Selection Panel either in person or by electronic means as mutually determined
  • The winning artist/s will be asked to sign a contract detailing the requirements for design, installation, and compensation  arrangements

Each artist may be videotaped during the final interview selection process and during installation of the sculpture. This information will become archival for historic purposes and also used for promotion of the downtown area.
These sculptures will be promoted in local and regional publications and will be placed on the City's website with photographs and a map of the location of each sculpture. Artists will be invited to attend a dedication event to celebrate the installation of the sculptures.

  • Site for Steel Sculpture (2 photos)
  • Steel available for sculpture (artist chooses any two pieces) (2 photos)
  • Historic view of water tower (2 photos)
  • Site for Aluminum Sculpture (2 photos)
  • Aluminum for sculpture  (2 photos)
  • Historic view of America's Community Bank

QUESTIONS. Contact Carol Reed ( or 816-228-0137) for any questions about the Call to Artist or to arrange for a site visit.