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Call to Artists for Public Art: Two Commissioned Metal Sculptures for Blue Springs, MO

Blue Springs Downtown Alive! (Blue Springs, MO) issues a Call to Artists for pieces of metal sculptures that are site specific and incorporates existing "historic" metal materials. The theme for the exhibition is "Remnants Restored". The commission for each sculpture is $15,000. 
Blue Springs Downtown Alive! is a 501(c)(3) organization .
Our VISION is to create a healthy, livable, energized and prosperous downtown within the context of cultural and historic preservation . 
Our MISSION is to be innovative in our revitalization of downtown by engaging in historic preservation activities that improve the appearance, business vitality, livability, and include the arts. These improvements will provide routine visible activities including amenitiesthat support and draw our residentto our urban downtown business district. 
To complement our revitalization plan, sculptures incorporating recovered materials from historic, iconic  structures will help initiate interest and conversation about the historical significance of our city. This will also be a long-term attraction to entice residents, visitors and new businesses and livability to downtown Blue Springs.
Blue Springs Downtown Alive! is partnering with the Blue Springs Public Art Commission to undertake the project for commissioning public sculptures which will celebrate the City's heritage. The Blue Springs Public Art Commission was established by the City of Blue Springs to serve as a catalyst for aesthetic excellence in our community and to enhance the artistic vitality of Blue Springs. The Public Art Commission will direct all activities in the selection process.
For information about the City of Blue Springs, visit  and to learn about the public art program, click on Government, then Boards and Commissions, then Public Art Commission.
This Call is for commissioning two unique and site-specific sculptures which will incorporate recovered metals (aluminum and steel), that are of historic significance. These metals will be provided without charge to the artist or artists who receive the commission . Each sculpture must be site specific to the area chosen for placement.
An artist may apply for either one or for both commissions. One sculpture will incorporate recovered aluminum from the historic bank building in the downtown area. The second sculpture will incorporate recovered steel from the water tower that dominated the City landscape for many years. These recovered materials may be incorporated into the sculpture in any manner or quantity that the artist may choose.
Steel from water tower. The steel material available to the artist consists of four pieces of steel obtained during the removal of the downtown area water tower that was built in the 1960's. The sizes of the steel are 6" x 8" x 1/4",5 1/2' x 8'-9" x 1/4", 6' x 9' x 1/4" and 4 1/2' x 6' x 1/4"The larger pieces weigh about 600 lbs each with a slight curve to each piece. The steel is painted on one side with an epoxy and urethane system. Some lettering is visible on the steel. Photos of the steel material are provided. The artist may choose any two of these steel materials at no cost for the material or for shipping to the artist.
Aluminum from exterior of America's Community Bank. The aluminum material available to the artist consists of 13 pieces of fabricated exterior aluminum siding dating back to the late 1960's. Each piece has a unique bow tie shaped design. The aluminum is thin and bendable. Each piece is 5" wide x 1'-0" height x 3'-0" length. The center tapers down center to 9 1/4" height. The front of each piece is not painted, but the back of each piece is painted teal. Other aluminum material includes 8 corners (2 1/4 " x 6 1/4 " x 5'-5") and 24 connecting straps (3/4" x 3/4" x 1'-4"). Photos of the materials are provided.
Steel Sculpture. The site chosen for the steel sculpture is in the downtown area of Blue Springs one block off Main Street. The art location is across the street from the soon to be completed new Public Safety Building and at the entrance of a new 87 space parking lot. The steel material was recovered from the water tower that once stood in front of the old Public Safety building.  The display area is 8' depth by 20' wide.  Photos show the sites as they currently exist, not as they will be after completion of the renovation project. New landscaping will be planted near the display site.
Aluminum Sculpture.The site chosen for the aluminum sculpture is located in the downtown area of Blue Springs at the entrance to a small 24 space parking lot for the City Hall Campus. The art display location has a cobblestone brick surface, and it overlooks Main Street and the building from which the aluminum material was recovered .
10' x 10' display area is next to a planter box with a bench and mature trees.
Footings and Display Pedestals.  The City of Blue Springs will install the necessary footings and pedestals needed to display the art.
The juror  panel selected artist/s will receive an honorarium of $15,000, for each of the two pieces  of sculpture. This shall include all costs including:  optional site visits by the artist, design, additional materials, fabrication, engineering costs, transportation of sculpture to the installation site, and artist related installation materials.  The "historic" metals will be provided and shipped to the winning artist without cost. Artists will be paid one-third of the compensation upon awarding of the commission and the remaining amount as arranged by contract. The City  of Blue Springs will assist with site preparation, in-ground piers or the like, scheduling and installation assistance as may be needed including lifting equipment.
Artists must submit the following to be considered:
• Letter of Interest-identify which category (aluminum or steel,) you want to submit for, and any other information to show why you are interested in this project. If you are submitting for both categories. you will need to submit two separate applications with all the required application information.
•  Current Resume-include information  and details about educational background,  previous work, honors, and past experience in public art projects.
• Image/ File Requirements-a minimum of four and a maximum of six jpeg images representative  of your body of work is required. One additional video file is optional.
Various file preparation directions and a tutorial for all submissions requested is clearly stated on the CAFE for artists web site using the following link.......
https: // /image  prep.phtml
Any questions regarding file preparation should be directed to the home page of CAFE'
https:/ /www /index.php
At the bottom of the page you will find a "CONTACT US" box where you can get answers to your questions regarding use of and file preparation.
    • Initial Submission Deadline Date: Feb 6. 2015
    • Finalists Notified: Feb 20. 2015
    • Finalists Make Presentations : Week of March 23. 2015
    • Winning Artist/s Announced: March 30. 2015
    •  Planned Installation Date: Week of November 2. 2015
    • Dedication:  Spring 2016 
  • All applications must meet application requirements  and deadlines to be considered for this Call to Artists
  • Applicants will be first juried on the basis of submission materials, including artistic quality of past work, experience and academic credentials
  • Next, two artists in each cateory will be selected for further review, which will involve presentation of each artist's proposal sketches (in the method chosen by the artist) and an interview with the Selection Panel either in person or by electronic means as mutually determined
  • The winning artist/s will be asked to sign a contract detailing the requirements for design, installation, and compensation  arrangements

Each artist may be videotaped during the final interview selection process and during installation of the sculpture. This information will become archival for historic purposes and also used for promotion of the downtown area.
These sculptures will be promoted in local and regional publications and will be placed on the City's website with photographs and a map of the location of each sculpture. Artists will be invited to attend a dedication event to celebrate the installation of the sculptures.

  • Site for Steel Sculpture (2 photos)
  • Steel available for sculpture (artist chooses any two pieces) (2 photos)
  • Historic view of water tower (2 photos)
  • Site for Aluminum Sculpture (2 photos)
  • Aluminum for sculpture  (2 photos)
  • Historic view of America's Community Bank

QUESTIONS. Contact Carol Reed ( or 816-228-0137) for any questions about the Call to Artist or to arrange for a site visit.

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