Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Arab Camera Festival seeks entries

Filmmakers and documentary makers with an Arab background can participate in this festival.

The Arab Camera Festival Rotterdam is now accepting entries for its second year. Arab Camera creates space for open dialogue about art, human rights, emancipation and political freedom in Arab countries and Europe, specifically in the Netherlands.

Feature films, short films as well as documentaries are part of the festival program.

The competitive categories are: between nostalgia and future; 10 years Iraq; and new Arab generation filmmakers (up to the age of 30). The Arab Film Festival also encourages directors to submit work that fits into none of the competitive categories.

Applicants are eligible if the director of the film is of Arab origin, the film is shot in an Arab country or the main language of the film is Arabic.

The deadline is Aug. 31.

For more information, click here http://arabcamera.nl/nl/2013/7/223.html

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