Wednesday, June 3, 2015

City of Golden Transit Shelter Project

The scope of work includes providing identification and refinement of a community based design meeting the project goals and creating a community design statement. In addition to the above stated information all necessary services to manage all aspects of the project in compliance with local inspection requirements from start of construction through completion are required. The work includes base materials compilation, conceptual final design, engineering design support and construction.

The Transit Centers are intended to provide a unique presence at Parfet Park in an effort to serve a number of community goals, including:

  • Increasing awareness of transit options (both current and enhanced over time) as an alternative for residents, employees, and visitors to the downtown area.
  • Using such awareness to boost transit usage in support of goals within Golden Vision, the Comprehensive Plan, the Downtown Development Authority Plan, and the current Downtown Parking Plan. 
  • Enhancing our community culture and image through the choice of higher impact design for public amenities.
  • Such public amenity choices may also serve as a community statement of values or identity.
  • City Council has recently articulated an enhanced demonstration of creative design as a desirable change for our downtown streetscape.

Proposals should address the following factors:

Essentials:    The Transit Shelters should provide an acceptable level of protection from the elements, which include sun, snow, rain and wind. The project should accommodate or provide visible, user-friendly transit and way-finding information. Electrical access can be provided, but alternate power sources are preferred and encouraged. Interior and/or exterior furniture should discourage use as a sleeping area. 

Appearance: The Transit Shelters, while not identical, shall be similar in appearance and inviting to users. The appearance should not mimic any specific historic style. The shelters should not take up usable park space. The Transit Shelters should be of a creative and artistic design that is unique to Golden.

Access:    The shelters must meet ADA guidelines for access. Shelters should be accessible from both the park and the sidewalk areas. 

Aesthetics:    The Transit Shelters shall be constructed with attractive, desirable and durable materials. They should be artful and inviting. Lighting should be incorporated for both aesthetics and safety. Transparency should also be considered for safety. They should provide space, inside or outside, for trash and recycling receptacles. Designs using alternative power sources will be given extra consideration.

Durability:    The Transit Shelters should be able to withstand Golden’s normal environmental conditions for a period of up to 15 years with reasonable maintenance required. Additional consideration will be given to designs that discourage vandalism. 

Past Work: It is required that you submit ample evidence of past work that is related to this project, such as images. 


  • Propose at least three (3) different alternate design options in compliance with project goals for City review. (The submittal options will be evaluated by a review committee, with no formal public input activity required.) 
  • Refine the selected design option to the point of conceptual construction plans, and preliminary cost estimates.  
  • Prepare a bid package documents, including project plans and specifications.


  • Developing a master construction schedule, and monitoring and updating construction schedule. Conducting weekly construction meetings with the contractor, City, and other involved parties. 
  • Preparing and distributing all required notices, and responding to complaints and resolving problems as necessary. 
  • Managing all construction activities and project controls. 
  • Managing contract cost accounting system. 
  • Ensuring the project is implemented per the approved set of plans, and preparing as-built drawings at the completion of construction.


  • Maintaining proper project files and documentation.
  • Coordinating close out of the project in coordination with the City.
  • Delivering a final completed project to the City which is in compliance with all applicable codes, standards and requirements per the RFP.
  • Presenting to the City a complete project close out file.

The time period for the work described in this scope of work covers the period from July 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The contract duration may be adjusted based upon the award of the contract and the completion of the work by the contractor. If work is required night and/or day, on weekends, holidays, and/or on a split shift basis, payment for this work shall not be at a rate different that the standard 40-hour week.

Work shall not commence until the written Notice to Proceed is transferred to the contractor, and shall be completed in the time specified. Notice to Proceed might be issued in phases. 

The contractor shall provide the following on a regular basis:

  • Monthly billing formats, suitable to the Community and Economic Development Director, for all contract activities performed by the contractor.
  • Periodic reports and billings as requested by the Community and Economic Development Director.

The Consultant shall monitor the fiscal status of the Consultant’s contract with the City, and advise the Community and Economic Development Director of any potential for supplementing the contract or negotiating additional task orders.

The contractor shall furnish all personnel, materials, equipment and transportation required to perform the work. Contractor personnel shall have appropriate vehicles (equipped with flashing amber beacon), cellular phone, computer and miscellaneous equipment (calculator, office supplies, safety equipment, etc.) required to perform the work. Personnel qualifications, staffing level, and number and types of vehicles shall be subject to the approval of the Community and Economic Development Director. The contractor shall assign personnel for the duration of the Contract unless otherwise approved by the Community and Economic Development Director. Personnel provided by the contractor who do not meet all of the specified requirements, or who fail to perform their work in an acceptable manner, shall be removed from the project when determined and directed by the Community and Economic Development Director.

Upon request, the Consultant shall provide documentation for all billings associated with the work, including detailed accounting for all personnel involved with the project.

The Consultant shall provide a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Colorado who will be in responsible charge of the Construction Plans and Specifications. This Engineer shall be required to affix his/her seal and signature to the final construction plans and specifications as affirmation that the plans and specifications have been developed to the above-mentioned project standards.

The City shall not be liable for any pre-contractual expenses incurred by any proposer or by any selected contractor. Each proposer shall protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the City from any and liability claims, or expenses whosoever incurred by, or on behalf of, the entity participating in the preparation of its response to this RFP. The City reserves the right to amend, withdraw and cancel this RFP. The City reserves the right to reject all responses to this request at any time prior to contract execution. The City reserves the right to request or obtain additional information about any and all proposals.

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