Wednesday, February 11, 2015

RFQ for Photographers, University of Wyoming, Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation


The University of Wyoming invites your response of qualifications to provide photographic work for the following project on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, Wyoming:

Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation.

Professional photographers are invited to submit portfolios of their existing relevant work for consideration toward development of an exhibition plan of permanent photographic art for various pre-determined locations throughout the public spaces of the project. Relevant photographic work appropriate for exhibition shall be limited to the following thematic categories:

  • Scenic landscapes of each of the 23 counties in the State of Wyoming.

  • Outdoor lifestyle and culture of the State of Wyoming.

  • Outdoor recreation in the State of Wyoming.

  • Outdoor wildlife scenes from the State of Wyoming.

Portfolios of existing relevant work shall be representative of photographer’s style, approach, and imagery and shall be limited to a maximum of 12 digital images. Each image shall include title, date, media, and size. Each portfolio shall include the following qualification criteria:

  • Photographer’s résumé with exhibition history.

  • Short statement on available work within stipulated thematic categories.

  • Ability to provide images within an expedited schedule.

  • Description of preferred media of printing/reproduction and framing/display formats.

  • Name and contact information of three professional references.

On the basis of submitted portfolio and qualification responses, it is the intent of the University to proceed expediently, but in no case exceeding 60 days after submission, in ranking and selecting photographer or photographers for interview and invitation for submittal of full available portfolio of existing photographic work in the stipulated thematic categories for consideration for exhibition. Criteria for selection of photographer or photographers shall include preference for Wyoming residency; however, non-resident photographers with a significant portfolio of work in the stipulated thematic categories pertinent to the State of Wyoming shall be considered on the basis of that portfolio. Selection by the University shall be via an ad hoc committee comprised of faculty, staff and community parties with interest in the project.

The University intends to develop an exhibition plan with selected photographer or photographers for all, or a portion of, approximately 60 total photography works. Works in conventional and unconventional photographic and presentation methods are encouraged incorporating various media of printing/reproduction and framing/display formats. In that the public spaces in which the photographic art is to be exhibited are currently under construction, it is the University’s intent to develop a plan to facilitate installation of photographic art on or about May, 2015. Exhibition of photographic works shall be inclusive of crediting display providing photographer’s name, title of work, and location where work was taken within the State of Wyoming. The University of Wyoming does not intend to require exclusive rights to the photographic work.

All exhibited photographic work as public art shall be subject to the approval and action of the University President’s Public Art Committee and the Office of the President. The University endeavors to maintain the public art per the original agreement but shall reserve the right to remove, reinstall, store, move, or dispose of the public art at the discretion of the University and in discussion with the photographer and his/her Estate. The University is obligated to retain the public art in its original form and not alter, change, or otherwise reconfigure the work.

Commission of the exhibit plan for photographic art shall be a primary component of the total art component of the project. Total art expenditure on the project inclusive of, but not limited to, the commission of the exhibit plan for photographic art shall be approximately $100,000.00. The Agreement to be used with the commission of the exhibition plan will be the University’s Purchase Order.

All portfolio and qualification responses shall be submitted to and managed by the University through (CaFÉ), a web-based service of the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), a non-profit arts service organization. All respondents shall be required to establish a free CaFÉ artist account prior to submission. Questions shall be directed to: Kenneth Jones; Manager, Capital Projects; Facilities Planning Office; 1000 E. University Ave., Dept. 3413; University of Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming 82071.  Phone:  307-766-2250 or Fax: 307-766-2255.

The University reserves the right to rank respondents and select photographer or photographers based upon the qualification response without interviews.

Submission portfolios and qualification responses shall be received by the Facilities Planning Office utilizing the CaFÉ web-based portfolio procedure identified above by 4:00 p.m. MST, Tuesday, February 24, 2015.

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