Monday, July 13, 2015

Clemson University Core Campus Public Art RFQ

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Implementation of Site-Specific Public Art for Core Campus Project
Clemson University, Clemson, SC.
Deadline for Submittal: August 10, 2015
Atelier InSite, which is responsible for the administration of site-specific public art on the Clemson University campus, is pleased to announce a Request for Qualifications for the new Core Campus Facility project.
Atelier InSite seeks artwork for permanent installation in a high-traffic university environment. Artwork selected for the project be reflective of the site’s internal programming, will take into account the building’s spatial and aesthetic properties, and encourage interactivity and/or functionality. In addition to these principles, artwork deemed unsafe and/fragile will not be eligible for consideration.

Project Description
Core Campus is Clemson University’s new residential, dining and communal area strategically located in the heart of campus. This holistically designed section of campus serves as integrative living quarters for freshmen and honor students while granting access to all students for dining, academic, and gathering purposes. Although these are the main intentions of Core Campus, the layout of the interior and exterior spaces are designed to be flexible and dynamic. The many multipurpose and collaborative spaces create an energizing study atmosphere which caters especially to students all while fostering student interactivity.

Program Facility
This dynamic facility, opening in Fall 2016, acts as an expansion on Student Life at Clemson University. Core Campus is the largest project underway at Clemson with a cost estimating around $160 million. Consisting of 700 beds of housing designated for freshmen and a new 1,000-seat dining hall with retail dining options. The space will contain a high level of interconnectedness, which will be evident with the condensing of housing, student post office, academic spaces and dining spaces. This complete redevelopment seeks to reenergize Clemson’s central campus.
The Core Campus Facility will act as a hub for Clemson undergraduates; one in which students will utilize the interactive spaces and variety of food venues and for freshmen who will reside within the building. Freshmen are representative of optimism as they commence on the road to higher education. The Clemson Walk, one of the defining features of the facility, is symbolic of the journey along this road to achievement. Additionally it acts as a metaphorical bridge between old and new: Clemson’s rich tradition and history combined with the assimilation of the new generations. With these fundamental aspects, the university continues on its own journey towards a prosperous future.
Project Details
- A number of exterior and interior sites have been identified
- One or more artists may be selected for a variety of site(s)
- Several finalists will be selected and awarded an honorarium of $2000 to submit a proposal
For more information about Public Art at Clemson University, please visit:
$125,000 for the design, fabrication, engineering and installation of site-specific public artwork. Some potential exists for artists to utilize currently considered materials to expand scope of work.
Selection Criteria
Submittal of all required materials as outlined in the RFQ. Special considerations will be given to artists that demonstrate successful deep integration of art into new building projects.
Atelier InSite and its constituency are composed of art/design professionals, community stakeholders, and students. This group reviews submissions and selects the artist(s) that best meet the requirements based on the information submitted in the Artists’ materials. Artists must specifically address an ability and interest in engaging in site-specific public art as well as a display of:
- Originality: creativity and uniqueness demonstrated in previous projects.
- Workmanship: Quality and craftsmanship exhibited by past work will be considered.
- Professionalism: Demonstration of competence corresponding with the scope and budget of the project.

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