Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Roundabout Sculpture Project, City Place Development, City of Overland Park, KS

The City of Overland Park is seeking an artist or artists to install two installations on each of two roundabouts within a high profile mixed use development. The two locations are traffic island roundabouts. Both sites require proposals that can be appreciated in not only 360 degrees but in all light conditions and all seasons. When possible the City prefers installations that reflect the culture, history, people and values of our community. Ideally the two sculpture sites would be compatible with each other and the surrounding development.
Proposals will reviewed by the Public Art Master Plan Committee, hereafter referred to as the selection committee, a body of volunteers comprised of artist experts, residents and stakeholders to determine a recommendation for the City Governing Body. Ultimately, the City of Overland Park Governing Body has final authority of all decisions of art acquisitions.
Roundabout #1 is 100’ in diameter. Roundabout #2 is 76’ in diameter. The City expects that both installations will not have the same scale, neither will the sites have the same budget, nor is it required that one artist manage both installations. Artists may apply for both locations in which case the sites must be compatible with each other. However, if two separate proposals are selected, it is incumbent on the selection committee to demonstrate compatibility between the two proposals.
To view detailed site schematics, developement plan and elevation images go to website.

Project Expectations:
Existing works, as well as proposals for future works, will be considered equally. Jury will consider the strength of the artists’ images and the portfolios as a whole.
Proposals must demonstrate ability to withstand normal Kansas weather conditions including temperature fluctuations and average wind load, extreme weather, such as tornados, is not considered normal. While annual maintenance is expected, preference will be given to proposals with low maintenance requirements and costs.
Site locations are highly visible as such art should be prominent, however, the sculpture set on the larger of the two roundabouts will have the greater scale. Prominence and scale are not defined in terms of vertical height or structural mass, rather a means of using the space as fully as possible to impressive impact.
The selection committee has determined a preference for contemporary art that incorporates light (LED not Neon due to maintenance) and/or color. Water features will not be considered. Bronze is not preferred but will be considered. Whimsy is welcome.
The Sites:
At the entry point of the development on Switzer Road is the smaller of two roundabouts. The larger is central to the complex at the intersection of Switzer Road and 113th street. (See Attachment C.) Both installations will have limited visibility from the adjacent highway of U.S. 69 and high visibility on the heavily traveled College Boulevard.
The larger roundabout located in the center of the complex is 100.34’ in diameter. (See attachment A.)  The second smaller roundabout is 76.33’ in diameter. (See Attachment B.) Both spaces are elevated above the road with curbing and stamped concrete skirting and the interior space designated for art is without any traffic line-of-sight restriction. Each roundabout has a three point entrance and traffic is limited to 20 mph in the roundabouts, 35 mph on the approaching streets. While pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be encouraged, the sites are not designed to encourage interaction.
About the Development:
CityPlace is a 90-acre mixed use development located in the City of Overland Park, located in Johnson County, Kansas.  (See Attachment D.) The development is bordered by U.S. 69 and the heavily traveled College Boulevard. CityPlace will feature four office buildings totaling 600,250 square feet on 26 acres, 1,382 multi-family units on 39 acres, 38,860 square feet of retail space on six acres and 140 senior living units as well as landscaped outdoor space for relaxation. The theme of the development is: “Live - Work - Play.”
The Budget: $200,000
Proposals Timeline: Call for Artists 6 weeks - Deadline is April 15, 2015
Review of Proposals - Complete by April 30, 2015
Attachments may be viewed at:

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