Monday, December 15, 2014


This open call can be understood as a forum for present concerns with a view to action. An experiment in collaborative processes between New York, Irish and U.K based practitioners concerned with the creation, value and experience of art.

Catalyst Arts LTD, Belfast, are seeking individuals from New York who incorporate a wide range of influences and various methodologies within their practice - individuals who realise the restrictions within their own disciplines and seek the need to reach into other fields of research. Bourriaud claims “the role of artworks is no longer to form imaginary and utopian realities, but to actually be ways of living and models of action within the existing real, whatever scale chosen by the artist.”

What is the role of an artwork and the artist within society in terms of this “existing real”? How can a research approach or models of thinking from various disciplines be prescribed within the arts. In what form can this collaboration take place and furthermore, must a work of art be unique, or can it be created independently by other artists? This is a request for models of thought and there is no restriction on content, these suggestions can be from small observations to larger strategies - maybe these qualities are already in place but need highlighted or an alternate, more economical, method proposed.

The submission process will be divided into two stages:

1. Initial questions, concepts and proposals from New York practitioners will be collated on a dedicated website. This content may re-address furniture design, instructions for efficient social interaction, meme instigation, plans for a socially inclusive event or the co- ordination of an intervention. It will be a forum of ideas and starting points.

2. A subsequent open call throughout the U.K and Ireland will advertise this on-line forum and request responses to this content. This side of the call aims to open up the levels of use of the original ideas.

This call out will examine ways of collaboration and authorship. Is the artist who proposes the initial starting point the author or the one who furthers and embellishes the idea - or are they merely a filter?

Catalyst Arts will reflect a sampling of these original ideas alongside the (mis)interpretations by artists based in the U.K, whatever they may be, the gallery space will be a place for beta testing of these “devices”.

Catalyst Arts encourages proposals within the arts or other disciplines in any medium. To apply, please send a PDF including a proposal, image, statement and a CV to
with the subject heading BASIC OPERATION by the 20th of December.

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