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Scottsdale Arts Festival 2013 Temporary Public Artwork

Request for Proposals (RFP) | New Temporary or Existing Work
Budget: $11,000
Application deadline: January 6, 2013 Midnight CST

Project Description:
Annually, the Scottsdale Public Art Program coordinates with the Scottsdale Arts Festival to select an artist to create a temporary public artwork for the award-winning festival. It is an ideal opportunity for either an emerging or experienced artist who would like to further develop a piece that engages a variety of audiences, adds to the arts experience, and compliments the festival setting.

• There is no predetermined size or theme for the artwork, except that it should be appropriately scaled for the festival context, and speak to a public audience.

• The festival produces a busy atmosphere—the artwork does not need to compete with the festival, but should be a unique attraction among the tents, bands, food vendors, etc.

• The selected artwork proposal will have a sound execution schedule and budget, be reasonably weather resistant, and will have a strong visual impact.

• Depending on the physical nature of the artwork, the artist may or may not choose to create the artwork on site. The creation of the piece in situ may be considered part of the public performance/installation of the artwork if desired or it may exist as a stand-alone installation. All materials must be on site prior to the opening of the festival if it is to be constructed throughout the weekend, and the weekend schedule must be part of the artist’s proposal (see below Requirements for details).

• Performative elements–can involve watching the artwork be created or altered on-site or in some way feature an actual performance, ritual, or action within the artwork and/or by the artist or approved representatives.

Artwork Goals:
A successful festival project will:
• Have strong visual impact that draws viewers from afar to investigate, photograph, and share with others.

• Be of high quality and stand well as an artwork, as well as a festival attraction.

• Engage, intrigue, pique people’s interest, and stimulate dialogue.

Artwork Location Description:
There are a variety of opportunities for artwork within the festival grounds at the Civic Center Mall in downtown Scottsdale. All proposals should consider daytime outdoor locations only. Artworks need to withstand the elements for the duration of the festival weekend. Weather in Scottsdale at this time is typically warm and sunny without extreme winds, temperature fluctuations, or precipitation. However, this is a rain or shine event and artwork.

The selected artist and Scottsdale Public Art will work with festival organizers to determine the best specific location within the festival grounds for the artist’s proposal.
The general site options to consider in making a proposal are:
• Grass areas with both graded and even ground planes

• Paved areas with even ground planes

• Curved and flat outdoor walls up to two stories in height and at least
30 feet in width

• Trees and lampposts located along festival walkways

• Fountains and ponds

• Rooftops of buildings surrounding the festival grounds

• Airspace above the festival grounds

Please see Floor/Site Plan for images of the festival grounds.

Site History:
The Scottsdale Arts Festival has established itself as the finest event of its kind in the Southwest. Arizona’s glorious spring weather complements the park-like setting of the festival, creating a wonderful environment that attracts more than 40,000 attendees from the metropolitan Phoenix area, including seasonal and year-round residents as well as tourists from diverse locales. The main attraction is a juried fine art and craft showcase within an attractive and sophisticated cultural center. In addition to being located adjacent to the Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art, the festival also features performances, a variety of quality food and beverages, live entertainment, educational family art activities and an online art auction with original works of art donated by Festival artists.

• Resume; 3 pages maximum
• 2 References
• 5 images of previous work. Optional: Up to 3 images of the existing work being proposed. 8 total images allowed.
• Proposal—describe your proposed installation of a new temporary or existing artwork. Include the following in your proposal as a single PDF file:
1. Brief narrative describing the concept, art elements and materials, as well as how the proposal addresses the artwork goals of this project.
2. Budget: the all-inclusive artwork budget must cover the full execution of the proposal, artist fees, and artwork removal. Budget not to exceed Eleven Thousand dollars ($11,000) including a ten-percent (10%) contingency, shipping, and travel expenses.
3. Estimated fabrication, installation, and de-installation schedule (see Timeline below for key dates).
4. Proposed type of location(s) to site the artwork (see above Artwork Location Description).
5. Drawing(s)/rendering(s) and/or images of maquette(s) to visually describe the proposed artwork.

Selection Process:
A selection panel will evaluate all submittals and make a direct artist selection based on review of materials requested here. Contract and project plan to be negotiated with Scottsdale Public Art, who reserves the right to reject any and all applicants.

Selection Criteria:
Responsiveness to the artwork objectives and to the site conditions discussed here as well as the applicant’s professional qualifications, proven ability to undertake projects of a similar scope, and artistic merit as evidenced by the submitted materials.

Deadline to submit proposal: January 6, 2013 Midnight CST
Selection process complete by: January 11, 2013
Artist notification complete by: January 14, 2013

Site visit & proposal refinement complete by January 28, 2013

Fabrication & installation: January 28-March 7, 2013
Scottsdale Arts Festival (artwork on view): March 8-10, 2013
De-installation begins March 10, 2013 and will ideally complete within one week or less.

*Some timeline dates are subject to change

More Information:

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